Modern-Day Invitation Etiquettes: Mistakes To Avoid On Your Invitation Cards

Written By Alla Levin
September 04, 2020

Modern-Day Invitation Etiquettes: 6 Most Common Mistakes To Avoid On Invitation Cards

When hosting a party or any other event, we mostly focus on the venue and catering service, but as they say, the first impression is the last. Invitation cards are perhaps the most crucial part of any event but are often neglected. An excellent, well-made invitation card not only informs your guests of the date, time, and venue for your event but also makes them excited to attend.

Many professionals in the market create cards for any occasion like a wedding invitation, birthday party invitation, engagement party invitation, retirement party invitations, and graduation party invitation, and any other event you are hosting.

Invitation Cards: How to properly design your invitation card?

If you are smart enough and have a keen eye for designing a color scheme, you can make your own customized invitation card. Whichever option you choose, be sure to double-check your invitation card before sending them out.

Most people make mistakes in their invitation cards and send them out without realizing it, which could result in confusion among your guests or your invitation card becoming a disaster. The following are some common mistakes made by people and tips on how you can avoid them.

Designing too lateCommon Mistakes To Avoid On Invitation Cards

Even a professional designer needs enough time to make a good card. Invitation cards are not easy to make. You have to decide themes, color schemes, typography, and illustrations.

So a rushed timeline for the design can result in a messed up and poorly designed card. It is most suitable to start planning your invitation card at least a month before the event, so you have plenty of time at your disposal, even if things go wrong.

Choosing the wrong color or theme

You might think that every color of the invitation card is suitable for each event, but that is not the case. Understanding color palettes is essential if you are designing your card or directing a card maker.

Bright colors work well with invitation cards for events like birthday parties or graduation parties, but wedding and engagement cards have a softer color scheme. Birthday party cards, even for adults, need to have a brighter and cheery look. It does not matter if you are designing your 70th birthday party invitations. It is still the event full of joy.

Grammatical or Spelling Errors

The most common mistake by both professional and amateur invitation card designers is the grammar or spelling errors. A poorly written card not only creates difficulty in understanding by the guests but also gives an inadequate opinion of the host.

A simple grammatical or spelling mistake can create a lot of confusion and might cause your guest to not attend your event. It is always a useful idea to proofread your invitation card by yourself or to send it to your friend before printing or emailing them.

Incorrect time and date

Mentioning the correct time and date on your card is very important. Avoid writing an early time for your event, especially in wedding card invitations. Guests generally arrive an hour or a half before the wedding reception, so an early time can create trouble for you and bore your guests.

Double-checking all the information is crucial as the misspelled or incorrect date can ruin your event. Your event is important to you, so avoid ruining it by making these silly mistakes.

Writing inaccurate guest namesWriting inaccurate guest names

Your guests are the most important part of your event. Try not to offend them. Sometimes you mistakenly write the incorrect spelling of the guest’s name that can offend them. You do not want to invite Hane instead of Jane.

This may sound like a very little thing to get your feelings hurt, but some people are very particular about spelling their names. You also must be very clear about who you are inviting. If you want to invite Mr. Davis’s whole family, you must write the Family of Mr. Davis and not Mr. and Mrs. Davis.

Invitation Cards: Writing the wrong Address

An address is key for your guest to reach your venue. If you failed to mention a correct address, chances are most of your guests won’t be able to make it to your event at the right time.

A proper address should include a street number, building or house number, or even a zip code for better understanding. You can also print out a map at the back of your invitation card or add it separately. Road maps can be helpful in understanding the location and Address.

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