4 Kinds of Conversation Starters That Work Every Time

Written By Alla Levin
June 05, 2017

4 Kinds of Conversation Starters That Work Every Time

Starting up a conversation is supposed to be extremely easy, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Indeed, the act of actually speaking to someone requires minimal physical effort, but the actual mental challenge comes in the moments before the approach.

The seconds before the first sounds come out of your mouth, and the anticipation and anxiety that comes with not knowing how the other person will respond. Okay, so it’s not that bad of an experience, and even if you get rejected, or the person doesn’t want to talk to you, well, at least you tried. Here are four ways to maximize your chances of starting a lengthy conversation with someone a Kinds of Conversation Starters.

Tell A Few Jokes

There’s no need to take yourself so seriously when you’re just trying to start a conversation. You’re not proposing; this isn’t a job interview, and chances are if you’re worried about starting a conversation with them. You probably don’t know them well enough to have a considerable impact on your life if they were to decide not to be a part of it.

So, take a risk and tell a few jokes, but make sure they’re clean jokes because you don’t know what kind of personality type you’re dealing with yet. Some folks take offense to dirtier jokes, primarily when they’re delivered by strangers or someone they’ve never had a conversation with.

Give a Gift

Of course, you don’t want to walk up to anybody and give them a gift, so it’s essential to use this tip in the proper context and provide appropriate assistance that would be fun to talk about. When you hand someone a gift, they usually don’t just say “thank you” and then put it in their pocket and move on. Typically, you’ll get thanks plus some response, and from there, you can continue the conversation naturally.

Ask a Few Questions

Questions are the key to getting to know someone, and they serve the magical purpose of diverting the responsibility of leading the conversation to the other person. There are also “would you rather questions” you should never forget.

Suppose you don’t like talking for long periods or are concerned that you might say the wrong thing. In that case, conversation-starting questions can be handy tools to spotlight the other person while also giving the impression that you’re attentive and considerate.

Mentioning Interests

make clean joke

Finally, everyone is interested in something and has favorite activities, so you have to find one that you and the other person have in common. Start by mentioning the last fun thing you did or something fun you’re about to do shortly. This not only allows you to see if the other person finds that attractive, but it’s also a chance to ask for a first date if they seem interested in something you have planned.

Use Discretion and Don’t Overdo it Kinds of Conversation Starters

All of the above can certainly work to get a vibe going. Still, it can also backfire if you’re doing too much of one thing or are coming off too unnatural, so still, try to go with the flow but don’t hesitate to incorporate a proven conversation starter as well if necessary.

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