Don’t Be Afraid Of These Male Dominated Career Options

Written By Alla Levin
September 08, 2020

Don’t Be Afraid Of These Male-Dominated Career Options

Deciding on your career or job in school is not an easy thing to do. For some, they just know exactly what they want to do with their lives.

They know where they will be in five, ten, and twenty years and they have that life plan. Others are a little less decisive and think about what they love and enjoy doing.

However, one common trend is that females tend to avoid male-dominated career options and it is time to understand why.

Why are women so afraid of these top jobs or is it because they have never even considered the industries or career options?

Sometimes you just need to have that push and agreement that anything is possible.

With that in mind, here are some of the most male-dominated careers.

Hopefully, it will inspire some women out there to perhaps consider them for their future. 

A career in the automotive industryA career in the automotive industry

Car sales have a bad reputation, and often we associate with a trip to the car dealer as being ripped off by some slimy salesman looking to make his next big commission cheque.

Of course, salespeople in general no matter what the industry, work off commission structures.

However, a job in the automotive industry can be extremely lucrative for a female. It can give a customer a sense of trust.

It doesn’t have to end there either, in-car repairs it tends to be a more male-dominated job but I’m sure there are females out there just as capable at putting car engines back together or discussing automotive repairs.

This isn’t to say that men in this job can’t be trusted, of course, they can, but that vision of a car sales showroom isn’t going away anytime soon, so perhaps this career option could be a great opportunity for more women to shine in the working world. 

Male-Dominated Career Options: Running a businessMale Dominated Career Options

More women are looking at the idea of starting their own businesses and this is where a male-dominated world of CEO or directorship is now highlighting that women can be just as tenacious at the top. Your business could be anything.

You may have spotted a gap in the market, looked at learning online at places like Deakin University Online to learn valuable tips, and gain the qualifications needed.

It might be that you want to do what you do now, just for yourself.

Whatever your idea is, just go for it. It doesn’t take much to get a business plan together and to start understanding the steps that you can take to make it your reality.

A business could be the ideal step for you to take in your career to finally do something that you feel passionate about. 

A job as a top medical professionalMale Dominated Career Options

There are plenty of females on the front line of nursing or doctors, and in fact, some would argue that more men should be taking on this rewarding job.

However, when it comes to some of the top medical professional jobs it can still be a male-dominated world.

Some of the top medical schools out there would agree that more female surgeons and specialists are needed, so why wouldn’t we want to encourage that?

Given the recent global pandemic, it wasn’t just men that were helping on the frontline to tackle Covid-19.

If you think you have the mindset to work as a medical professional then go for it, and don’t be afraid to work towards the highest accolade. 

Male-Dominated Career Options: Feeling the buzz of the financial sector

Maybe you have a head for numbers but the wolf of wall street is putting you off considering a career in the financial sector?

Maybe you just don’t feel like your skills are worthy? However, females can do considerably well in what seems to be a male-dominated industry.

The love of maths, numbers, and analyzing skills are much the same whether you are male or female, so why aren’t there more women doing this sort of job?

Of course, some would argue that the hours are long and the commissions are competitive, but for some women, this could really be the ideal career.

Who knows where it could take you and what you may end up doing. 

There are, of course, other careers we should be seeing more women in, we are yet to have a female American president, after all, but who knows what the future holds as more and more opportunities for some of the world’s leading careers are now going to women. 

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