3 Steps To Take After Your Home Gets Burgled

Written By Alla Levin
September 10, 2020
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3 Steps To Take After Your Home Gets Burgled

If your home has been recently broken into, the chances are you will be pretty shaken up. Having your home space invaded in any capacity is frightening, even if you were not directly endangered at the time of the break-in. If a burglary has happened at your property, there are definitive steps you should take to ensure your further safety and replace any lost items. Although it is a frightening time, these steps will hopefully make you feel more secure in your home once again.

Call The Police

This seems like an obvious step, but surprisingly few people actually call the police if they suspect a break-in at their property. Even if the place doesn’t look like a movie burglary, with flipped tables and smashed dishes everywhere, you should still notify the authorities if you think your home has been broken into. The signs of a break-in are sometimes difficult to spot.

Burglars sometimes use tools to unlock your doors or windows to enter your property without breaking anything. Similarly, burglars will not necessarily clear out your home of all its valuables. Perhaps only one or two things would be missing, such as a laptop or a piece of jewelry. Most of the time, these people are in and out within just a few minutes. If something has gone missing but no windows or doors are busted, it is still worth notifying the police.

Changing the Locks

Even if you are sure the burglars did not enter by unlocking your doors somehow, it is always worth changing the locks. Most locksmiths in caulfield will come out to your property at very short notice, and provide you with new locks and a brand new set of keys.

It is possible that the break-in occurred using an old set of keys that were obtained before you moved into the property. It is vital that you have the locks changed, both for your own peace of mind and to prevent further break-ins to your home.

Cleaning Up and Moving Forward

If there has been a huge mess or damage left to your property, sometimes the police do not cover your clean-up. This is why you might consider hiring crime scene cleanup services that specialize in putting your space back to the way it was before.

In addition, it is essential that you contact your home insurance provider. This is exactly the scenario for which you took out insurance in the first place – make sure you use it! Your insurance claim will help you fund the replacement of any stolen items from your home.

Burglars typically aim for high-value items such as TVs, laptops, car keys, iPhones, jewelry, and watches. These are the items that are the most difficult to replace without proper insurance, so make sure your policy covers these items fully.

Home Gets Burgled: Conclusion

Although it can be scary to find your home broken into, these helpful tips will ensure you can move on quickly and safely. 

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