8 Common Mistakes with Buying CBD to Avoid for New Users

Written By Alla Levin
October 05, 2020

Common Mistakes with Buying CBD to Avoid

Your local health shop will no doubt have shelves that are brimming with CBD oils. Each one purporting to be the best, most effective cure-all known to man.

The truth is that CBD oil is a fantastic product, but there are many inferior products on the market.

So how can you avoid the bad ones when purchasing CBD oil? Below, we have listed 8 mistakes with buying CBD to avoid.

Mistakes With Buying CBD Cheaply

Although some cheaper products are as good as their branded counterparts, cheap CBD oil is a false economy. CBD oil is not a cheap product to make, and as such many cheap brands will have less CBD in them. The best CBD is also grown organically from hemp plants in Europe and the US.

Money to produce the CBD goes into extracting the cannabinoids from the plant and separating them into differing compounds. None of this equipment comes cheap. On top of this, the oil purity must be tested in a laboratory so the correct information can be given on the packaging.

Buying CBD: Assuming It Can Not Get You High

When you buy CBD, the CBD cannabinoids are separated from the other cannabinoids in the plants. One of these is THC, the compound that gets you high if you take marijuana. In theory, CBD should not give you the feeling of being high that you get with marijuana.

Of course, cheaper CBD does not go through the rigorous extraction process more expensive products have. With cheaper CBD, there is a good chance some of the THC may have leaked into your product. You may be expecting a relaxing reduction in joint inflammation from CBD, only to find you are getting increasingly high.

Not Checking the Origin

CBD cannabinoids

CBD comes from the hemp plant. This can be grown all over the world, some high in quality and some low. However, in many countries, products and trade can be extremely loosely regulated.

Hemp is a bio-accumulator. The plant absorbs everything that is in the soil it grows in. In countries where hemp farming is unregulated, this can mean hemp is grown in soils that are often choked with chemicals and toxins, which impacts the quality of the CBD.

Not Checking the Manufacturer

Most of the list problems can be avoided by doing a simple background check on the manufacturer. This can be done easily online. First, make a stop on their website.

They should have information about the quality, original, and extraction methods of the product. Then look at some product reviews on websites. See what the product rating is and if people have left any testimonials. Finally, cross-reference the price of the product with the claims the company makes. Does it seem unreasonably cheap for a product with such high standards? The chances are that it probably is.

Overestimating Its Effects

CBD is a great way to help you sleep, relax, and to cure aches, joint inflammation, and symptoms of problems related to this. However, it is not the elixir of life. It is not a cure-all and any company that tells you it is probably peddling an inferior product.

Read up on what CBD can actually do for you and your ailments. Check the facts and make sure they are backed up by medical research. By doing this, will you know exactly what good CBD should be doing for your body?

Going Straight for the Strongest Typepharmaceutical product CBD

Like any pharmaceutical product, CBD comes in a range of strengths and doses. For anyone new to the product, and depending on your size and body weight, you should only need a little to feel its effects. Even for people with severe symptoms who may crave the stronger effects, you should work your way up to a high dosage.

Also, going in with a maximum dose does not allow room to adjust. Your body will adapt to the cannabinoid, meaning that you may need even stronger products after a while and find they are not available. Starting with a low dosage allows you to pick up and drop back amounts as your symptoms change.

Buying CBD: Not Checking Laboratory Results

Any quality seller and manufacturer of CBD oil will have third-party laboratory results at hand. You should request them from customer service, or they will likely be displayed on their website. These results should have some particular information. It will include the levels of CBD, the ratio of CND to terpene, and any other common chemicals included in the product.

Assuming All Oils Are the Same

Most people do not realize that CBD oils have a lot of variations. The product itself can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana. Marijuana-based CBD may likely contain THC. Some CBD oil may also be advertised as a full-spectrum oil. These oils contain all the naturally occurring cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. They are generally higher in CBD than oils not advertised as full spectrum.

Broad-spectrum oils are also advertised. This product should be 100% free of all THC, meaning you will only get pure CBD benefits. You also consider the strain it’s derived from, such as the Jack Frost strain and kush varieties.

Making a Purchase

Once you have checked this list, you should be able to avoid any mistakes with buying CBD. Get your product from a reputable trader and see what CBD can do for you and your health.

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