Can Dogs Eat Wild Rice?

Written By Alla Levin
October 15, 2020

Can Dogs Eat Wild Rice?

Do you know that rice is the most popular food all across the globe? It is a nutritious food for both humans and animals. But have you ever saw a dog eating rice? You might not have noticed, but yes, dogs eat wild rice. Many of the dog foods add to the ingredient of rice.

If you could ever ask the pet owners about their dogs’ feed when they are sick, they will definitely tell you that their dogs’ pup diet is ‘white rice.’ It is because proper nutrition is required for the health of your dog. You always need to ensure that your canine friend is active, healthful, and free from any disease.

Almost all of the dogs are carnivorous, which means that they do best on a portion of food that gives many types of meat and other kinds of animal proteins. Since rice is an excellent source of fiber, it is provided to dogs for a healthy life. The following are the more benefits of wild rice for your pets.

Good For Bone Health

Wild rice is a rich source of calcium and phosphorous essential for the maintenance and growth of healthy bones. These minerals play a significant role in the growth of elderly dogs and puppies as well. Calcium and phosphorous helps in developing strong bones and prevent many bone problems in dogs.

Reduces The Risk Of Obesity And Diabetes

Can Dogs Eat Wild Rice

Since most commercial animal feed contains extremely high calories that increase the risk of diabetes and weight gain, you can control the calorific intake of your dog by using healthy ingredients such as wild rice, which is an excellent ingredient for dog food.

Rich In Fiber

Wild rice contains bran that is a rich source of fiber than white rice. Fiber helps your dog feel less appetite as it makes him feel fuller sooner and prevents him from overeating. Also, it is an excellent ingredient for digestion and provides a good food taste to your dearest pet.

Antioxidant Benefits

A diet that is full of additives, chemicals, and preservatives can make your dog sick if he has left unchecked. Therefore, feeding him the right food is always a great option. Wild rice is full of antioxidants that help to opposed the effects of these ingredients. Additionally, it helps in removing the heavy toxins from your dog’s internal system.

Additional Proteins

You won’t believe that a 100-gram serving of wild rice contains proteins up to 6 grams. Isn’t it great news that your dear pet will be getting an additional protein intake from wild rice apart from what he gets from meat and other sources of protein?

Perfect Tasting Option

Wild rice has a crunchy texture and a nutty taste that is appealing to your dog’s taste buds. Wild rice can be combined with many ingredients such as vegetables, meat, and even more delicious options. It indeed takes a while to cook, but it has an incredibly flavorful taste that is unbeatable.

Final Verdict

To every pet lover who is reading this, it is to inform you that you should definitely add in the ingredient of wild rice to your dog’s everyday diet. Not only because it is favorable and a versatile ingredient, but it has many other excellent benefits that ensure the perfect growth of your dog.

So, adding in even a little amount of wild rice to your dog’s bowl is pretty cool. Always keep a check on your dog’s health. For keeping him healthy, active, and vigilant, do not forget to add in wild rice to his diet.

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