Degree in Business Management
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Why Consider Getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management? 

Whether you are an aspiring business owner or you’re hoping to land an executive position in a well-renowned conglomerate, make sure to read this article before submitting your university application form to get your bachelor’s degree.

Degree in Business Management: What is Business Management?

Business management involves the oversight of all executive, administrative, and supervisory undertakings of a business. To undertake a Bachelors in Business Management pertains to all activities related to ensuring the smooth operation of an enterprise. 

What are the possible careers for a bachelor of business management graduate? What is Business Management

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Manager

A logistics and supply chain manager is delegated to organize and monitor the transfer of materials, be it raw or processed. It is the manager’s responsibility to safely and systemically transport cargo. 

  • Business Analyst 

A business analyst carefully scrutinizes the strengths and shortcomings of an organization. Determining and resolving current and imminent problems are part of a business analyst’s duty. Moreover, a business analyst also strategizes ways to capitalize on promising business opportunities. 

  • Operations Manager 

An operations manager generally supervises and assesses the overall performance of a company. The operation manager recurringly evaluates the efficiency of the subsystems of the organization to carry out tasks. Based on the evaluation, the operation manager makes the needed changes to improve business dealings. 

  • General Manager

The general manager stewards the staff. The general manager delegates and closely monitors the workload given to each staff member. The assurance of satisfactorily executing all assigned tasks given to staff members falls under the general manager’s scope of responsibility.  

  • Office Manager

Depending on the size of the company, an office manager’s job description varies. Most often, an office manager has a laundry list of tasks to do. An office manager arranges meetings, handles pertinent documents, composes official company letters and emails, compiles monthly reports, deals with minor complaints, and supervises junior office staff members. 

  • Marketing Manager

The marketing manager’s focus is to promote the commodities and services offered by the company. A marketing manager devotes a lot of energy to advertising the company on all social media platforms. 

  • Compliance Officer

 The compliance officer ensures the strict implementation of company policies. Besides overseeing the implementation of company policies, the compliance officer promotes and encourages ethical conduct among staff members from high-ranking officials to rank and file employees. 

  • Public Relations Manager

The public relations manager guards the reputation of the company. It is the public relations manager’s role to plan and implement strategies to portray the company in a positive and desirable light.

What are the perks of having a bachelor of business management degree?What are the perks of having a bachelor of business management degree

  • The chances of employability are high due to the increasing demand for business management expertise. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there will be a spike in demand for business degree holders until the year 2026. The demand for business degree holders can be attributed to the rapidly growing global business market. Local, regional, national, and multinational companies are always scouting and hiring new talent to exploit the emerging global market. 
  • When you opt to study business management at a university, you would be taught cutting-edge management tools and techniques. Learning modern management nowadays is of utmost importance since e-commerce is the future of business. To learn the technology needed to thrive in a multitude of business environments is necessary to survive and prosper. 
  • Having a bachelor of business management degree makes you employable in different fields. You have the chance to enter any field that holds your interest. You may choose to join the retail business or the food industry. 
  • The probability of career advancement is promising. Your dream of being part of the executive division is not far-fetched. Having a business management degree is your stepping stone to a fulfilling and rewarding career because the skillsets of great leaders are imparted and instilled in you in business school. 
  • You can be your own boss. Finishing business management equips you with the necessary tools to start your own business. Be able to put out products and services especially tailored by you. 

What skills would you acquire upon the completion of a bachelor of business management degree?

During your time in business schools, you would be taught a wide array of helpful skills. The more enticing fact is that the majority of these skills are transferable. Transferable skills are skills that are relevant and useful across different aspects of life. Enumerated below are samples of transferable skills learned at business school:

  • analytic and strategic thinking
  • communication and negotiation
  • problem-solving
  • organization
  • leadership

Besides learning transferable skills, business schools teach specific skills as well. Enumerated below are samples of these specific skills. At the end of accomplishing your course load, you would: 

  • be knowledgeable of operational methods needed to thrive in competitive business environments
  • be able to formulate realistic time-bound strategic business plans
  • be able to compare and contrast different local, regional, national, and multinational business environments
  • be able to analyze financial data
  • be able to manage human resource
  • be able to evaluate the impact of legal, social, political, and economic factors  

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