5 Essentials to Be a Construction Worker

Written By Alla Levin
October 19, 2020

Essentials to Be a Construction Worker

To become a construction worker, you obviously need a lot of physical strength and endurance as you will be on your feet all day and lift heavy parts, but you also need some other things. This article will outline the educational requirements that you need to work on a construction site and progress your career into fantastic areas of the industry.

Getting Qualifications

There are various areas in construction, from bricklayers and structural engineers to construction claims and contract management. You cannot get to these without experience and qualifications for many.

You could decide to get a bricklaying qualification and then work your way up to higher roles, but you can also take courses in a range of specialized construction areas once you have a few years of experience. These courses are usually short and can even be completed online.

Getting a Card

Although it is not a legal requirement to hold a card, many construction sites will require you to take a CSCS course, enabling you to apply for a CSCS card. This ensures that you have knowledge about health and safety and have passed the relevant tests required for this. A laborer will have a green card, and a construction manager will hold a black card.

Be Ready for Continued Learning

Getting qualifications does not stop for a construction worker if they really want to develop and improve their skills. For someone who wants to work in an advanced area such as contractual claims, taking an additional course in FIDIC would be ideal. In general, learning about FIDIC contracts is a must for those in construction as they are likely to come across them one way or another.

The construction industry is renowned for having fantastic development opportunities, with many individuals working in the industry for the entirety of their life.

A Professional Profile

Another essential to be a construction worker is to have a really concise and clear CV or resume, which outlines what skills you can bring to the job. Those who appear the most professional will be able to stand out from the crowd. Besides, you may want to create a profile on a platform such as LinkedIn. This way, you will be able to network with fellow construction workers and even potentially work in different countries on exciting projects by networking in this way.

You could also decide to join a reputable professional body within the construction industry that aims to improve the industry’s standards to boost your professionalism even further.

Be Great at Working in a Team

When you work on a construction site, it is guaranteed that you will have to work with others. You could be planning who does which duties or helping lift heavy items. There will be a few times when you are completely on your own. This means that you will have to be great at communicating with others, especially to ensure the construction site’s safety.

To prepare you for this, if you are not used to working with others heavily, you could do some team-building exercises. One great thing about having to work in a team is that you will likely make some life long friends.

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