Are Wholesale Vintage Jewelry, Expensive, and Why?

Written By Alla Levin
November 16, 2020

Are Wholesale Vintage Jewelry, Expensive, and Why?

Ladies and guys love jewelry because it adds exceptional value to the beauty of the woman. Jewelry comprises personal decorative ornaments, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc., made from unique and special metals or stones.

There are varieties of jewelry you can acquire, but those that come with durable materials come with premium prices. So jewels, in general, are afforded by the rich.

Buying wholesale vintage jewelryBuying wholesale vintage jewelry

Unlike other jewelry types, vintage jewelry is slightly harder to come by. There are a handful of people who sell authentic vintage jewelry. And in truth, they are more costly than the average everyday jewelry. If you are buying cosmetic or valuable pieces, they are still slightly more expensive than their counterparts. The prices of each vintage jewelry also range depending on the craftsmanship and the cut of the gem or stone found on it. Some of the most popular locations to buy authentic wholesale vintage jewelry include:

Elite jewelry and loan: This is an American based company that specializes in wholesale vintage jewelry. They also sell antique and estate jewelry. The company has an assortment of jewelry with various price ranges.

Light in the box: This is an online platform where you can buy the best vintage jewelry at wholesale prices. Many beautiful designs sit under $100.

Collection of Wholesale Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry is a collection of the earliest jewelry made before modern technology touches on the jewelry industry. The vintage jewelry taste is still unquenchable as they possess unique qualities not found on regular jewelry. Worn by Kings and Queens in the 16th and 17thcenturies, this early jewelry was produced with antique designs and were as famous as those who wore them. There are numerous famous vintage jewelry you can grab if your bankroll is large enough to acquire it.

Retro Jewelry: These circa priceless jewelry reigned from 1935 to the 1950s; they were made from gold and decorated with expensive gemstones such as topazes, tourmalines, aquamarines, and citrines.

Edwardian Jewelry: Named after King Edward of England, it was known for the feature of platinum, pearls, and exquisite diamonds. The French called it La Belle Epoque or translated in the English Language as “the beautiful epoch or era.” These circa come with magnificent designs that fit kings in general and make them beautiful as its name.

Art Nouveau: The circa Art Nouveau reigned from 1895 to 1910; it is one of the popular jewelry names you can find. It originated in France and was popular before WWI began. It is also known as Jugendstil by the Germans and Austrians. Silver, moonstones, horns, and enamels were used with designs like insects, dragonflies, flowing hair, and plants. The pieces have a deep meaning and were worn when French women were standing up for their rights.

Victorian Jewelry: The circa of 1840 to 1890s were the days of Queen Victoria, who ruled England. A plethora of styles and beautiful themes was used. The priceless circa featured gilded gold rolled gold with gorgeous gems, including amethyst, garnets, pearls, citrines, etc.

Art Deco: This piece of jewelry reigned more in the modern ages. They are usually bright and sleek. You will find germs like turquoise, jade, lazuli, and other bright colored gems.

Why is wholesale vintage jewelry expensive?Why is wholesale vintage jewelry expensive

If we go by the details already spoken about vintage jewelry, we can derive some explanation.

Family legacy: Jewelry of this kind is traced back to family history, the time of making, and the events surrounding it. Most families, especially royal families, put a high value on such jewelry. They term it priceless, which means no amount of money can buy it. There are occasions where some jewelry slips through auctions, but they are not easily acquired.

The precious minerals and stones: When you check the price of gold and other stones like diamonds, the prices are luxurious, affecting the sales of these vintage jewels.

Scarcity of the jewelry: One factor is how difficult it is to acquire this vintage jewelry. They are limited in numbers, and people who happen to possess them to put a very high value on them. Therefore, to acquire wholesale vintage jewelry comes with a high price, so collectors should take note.

The uniqueness: Mentioned earlier in this article, these priceless jewels were more hand-made with antique and unique designs, and people tend to value the efforts of man to machines. Modern technology jewelry is easy to copy, but these vintage jewels possess a unique characteristic that can be read-only on them.


In the end, Vintage jewelry is an expensive one due to its history and makeup. If you plan to get one or consider starting up a business, you must be ready for the cost.

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