5 Must-have Apps for your New Mac

Written By Alla Levin
November 18, 2020
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5 Must-have Apps for New Mac

If you’re looking out to get the most of your Mac, considering the exploration of a bag of Apple apps is the best thing you can do. Yes, make the most of macOS pre-installed and Apple Stores apps for tremendous speed and efficiency.

Many apps for exemplary workflow, productivity, and OS customization have been around for Mac users for quite a time now. The sad part here is that if you’re a new Mac user, it’ll be a daunting task for you to find apps for suiting your needs.

Can’t wait to build a better device for recreation, work, and everything in-between? Stick onto us for knowing the best apps for making your Mac experience worthwhile:


If you want to enjoy two apps simultaneously on your macOS, you can use Split View. But, are you as satisfied with Mac split view as you are on Microsoft Windows, where you can drag the window into one corner and airdrop into a place. BetterSnapTool lets you do that with complete ease and flexibility. You can also explore your hands-on Magnet, which is another option. This app enables you to snap the windows flush onto the screen edges, which lets you save some layouts with pre-configuration across many apps.


No Mac user can do without an app with playback. Yes, and if this is on your list, then going in for a free VLC and open source is the best option for you. Having an app like this works well for you since it supports codecs and many file formats, including the compression methods like audio and video. VLN has you covered if you’re looking out to convert a file format from .mkv to .mp4 or .avi file to .mkv.

CleanMyMac X

This app is one of Mac users’ most favorites across the world- all thanks to the plethora of cleaning opportunities it swears to offer.

If you’re looking out to boost your app speed, then cleanmymac x is the one for you. It comes with dragging and dropping and presents textual and visual information about disk usage. Removing unwanted apps, configuring parameters, and cleaning the cache files is also possible with CleanMyMac X.


The password managers have been living in the background, as browser extensions. The new-fangled app has a lot to offer apart from being an app for accessing passwords much faster and easier. Besides, there still arises a need to enter the credentials, especially when you’re using a macOS app that doesn’t work in synchronization to the Chrome extensions.

And the best thing is that it has a nifty keyboard shortcut that enables searching your passwords in a fraction of second.

Apps for New Mac: Deliveries

Do you have a gazillion packages- all coming at one moment? If it does, then tracking them is taking a toll on you. Well, worry not because you have an app for that. Deliveries work well in the tracking of all your incoming deliveries in one place through an easy-to-read interface. This app syncs all your information between iOS and macOS and notifies you in times of delivery change. Press Command+ New, and paste the tracking number for tracking your package.

Many other apps ensure to make your Mac experience worthwhile. These are categorized as Entertainment, Social, Monitoring, Photo-editing, and many others. These apps are sure to help you dwell in tranquility.

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