How to Select, and Find, The Best Background Music for Video

Written By Alla Levin
December 03, 2020

How to Select and Find, The Best Background Music for Video

When it comes to the production of video content that is going to make a visceral impact, that will not only secure the short-term success of a huge viral audience but will also encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel in the long term; you’ll need to make sure that every element of your video is as close to flawless as possible.

Every element of the video content production process has involved massive strides in the technological tools & video editing software available to make an individual’s production appear to be the work of a Hollywood mogul.

Whether that’s in the field of editing, recording, or even distribution (via social channels as opposed to via a distribution company), selecting the soundtrack to your videos is no different.

Suppose you are looking to pair your visuals with vocal-led music, an upbeat beat to match a dance craze, or even looking for the impact of spooky sound effects to heighten the terror of horror-themed video. In that case, all can be found in any number of hugely popular royalty-free music services.

Selecting background music for your video would have previously proven an absolute time-consuming minefield in the past but is now a straightforward and relatively cheap exercise.

Such is the scale of the user-generated video content market that the residual market in locations where music for these videos has expanded markedly in recent years. All of the competitors in the field offer huge music libraries that are almost infinite in scale.

These libraries are very well ordered, and any search will result in many options to fit your needs’ mood, and style. Access to these libraries is made all the easier and cost-effective when you sign-up for a subscription package, which could be key if you want to make a lasting impact with your social channel and its video output.

Regarding sound effects libraries, you’ll find these ordered according to not only genres (Drama/Comedy/Horror, etc.) but also sub-sections, making the selection of background music incredibly easy. Nothing beats the satisfaction you feel when you know you’ve found the ideal sound to partner your videos.

Basically, these tools take you from being something of a social media amateur to a bona fide content provider, and the costs you may incur (small as they are) are clearly worthwhile if your social persona intends to financially benefit from doing so, in which these are a necessary evil.

Social Media Content

The social media content sphere is a professional one, with an audience who is not easily pleased or entertained, and you’ll need to work accordingly. The size of the market is beyond comprehension; as such, you need to be at the top of your game to make even the slightest ripple in the social video post ocean.

An additional and key benefit of looking to find background music for your videos via one of these sources is that doing so will help you avoid legal entanglements about copyright issues and music license headaches.

Most social media players looking to become influencers will have suffered the indignity of a copyright strike from the likes of YouTube or Facebook, maybe even received a DMCA notice via email. All these potential pitfalls are avoided when you seek to fulfill your musical needs via a royalty-free music provider. 

There is a fine line between success and failure in marketing a high-performing piece of video content. The number of videos and posts we all view every day shows just how particular we can be when giving up any hard-earned time watching a video.

Background Music for VideoBackground Music for Video

We are all infinite scroller, and what’s needed to make your video pop, more so than the videos directly above and below you on a feed, can be down to the finest of margins. Any assistance garnered from providers of any sort should be gleefully snapped up with both hands.

When considering the size of the market, consider that YouTube, clearly just one platform of many, has 2 billion logged-in users every month, and users on the site upload 500 hours of content every minute. Each visitor spends upwards of 11 mins every day on the site.

These numbers are staggering and show just how many competitors you go up against every time you decide to free another video to any platform. Basically, if you are producing video content specifically with the intent of getting attention, rather than just for the fun of it, it’s not a game.

Most of the content we consume on these platforms comes from ‘individuals’ and not what could be considered professional channels; this is because, as an audience, we don’t really care where the final product comes from as long as it entertains us.

The democratization of video content production means that we can all be players in this space, but the side-effect of this is that the market is ultra-competitive, and it’s a dog eat dog world.

With this in mind, it’s not enough to ‘tag on’ the music to your videos, not if you want to get as much of an impact from them as possible. The tools are there for you to find a perfect marriage between audio and visual, so what are you waiting for?

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