5 Professions That Often Require Long-Term Disability Insurance Payouts

Written By Alla Levin
December 08, 2020

Professions That Often Require Long-Term Disability Insurance Payouts

If you don’t know about long-term disability insurance, it’s one of the insurance types that most businesses need to have. Workers apply for it if they hurt themselves on the job, and they need to retire because of it. If the insurance company determines they should receive payouts, they can live on those for the rest of their lives.

There are occasionally circumstances where a worker will not get long-term disability insurance when they apply for it. Sometimes, the company might say the worker’s negligence caused their injury, so the company should not have to pay for it. Other times, the company might prove that the injury is not as detrimental as the worker says it is.

Other than these exceptions, though, a worker should be able to get the insurance payouts they need if something tragic happens while they’re on the job. There are certain professions where these payouts occur more than with most others, and we’ll look at five of those today.

Construction Workers

If you look at professions that often need long-term disability insurance payouts, a construction worker is right at the top of that list. That’s because, if you work construction:

  • You might fall from a scaffolding or upper building story;
  • Something might fall on you;
  • A machinery piece might crush a limb.

In many ways, construction is fun work. You get to work with blue-collar, salt-of-the-earth types. You get to use tools and build things, and you can often work outdoors rather than sit behind a desk all day.

However, construction workers’ dangers are hard to ignore. You might easily sustain a traumatic brain injury, break a limb, severely burn yourself, etc. If that happens, you’ll probably rely on long-term disability insurance to care for you for the rest of your life. That should happen, as long as your own reckless behavior did not cause what took place.

Utility WorkersUtility Workers

Utility workers might work:

  • Up in cherry pickers, fixing phone lines;
  • Down in the sewer.

Like construction work, if you’re a utility worker, you will often get into situations where you can seriously hurt yourself. You might fall into an open sewer, fall from a cherry picker while fixing power lines, injure yourself with power tools, and things of that nature.

Again, in most circumstances, you can rely on long-term disability payments if you cannot go back to work.

Restaurant Workers

Restaurant work is fun and fast-paced. Maybe you work in a high-end kitchen as a line cook, sous chef, executive chef, or something else. In these jobs, it’s also easy to hurt yourself. You can cut yourself or suffer third-degree burns. You can trip over extension cords or out-of-place objects.

You might even electrocute yourself or slip and fall on a wet floor. Kitchens are busy places, full of steam, activity, and potentially dangerous conditions. Many restaurant workers need long-term disability payments if they hurt themselves and need to retire early.

Retail WorkersRetail Workers

You might not think that retail workers can injure themselves easily, but the stats might surprise you. If you do retail work, you’re on your feet all day. You can develop repetitive stress-type problems, such as back and neck injuries, from standing for many hours at a time. The human body shouldn’t do that, especially not for years on end.

If you work somewhere like Lowe’s or Home Depot, something might fall on you. You might slice off some fingers while cutting wood the length that a customer wants. You might lift something improperly and suffer a serious strain or sprain.

Again, you are looking at a situation where you will often need long-term disability benefits.

Disability Insurance Payouts: Agricultural Workers

If you’re an agricultural worker, that is a hazardous job as well. Maybe you work for a farmer or rancher. You might have a horse fall on you while you’re out riding. You might operate a thresher or some other large machine that crushes a limb or cuts one-off. You also have to move farm equipment from place to place, and a transit accident can happen.

That’s why farms and ranches that employ workers need to carry long-term disability insurance. These are not the only jobs where you can hurt yourself easily, though. There’s also truck drivers, trash collectors, and roofers, to name a few

Any of those individuals need to work for companies that have robust long-term disability policies. You never know when you might need to cash disability insurance payouts.

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