Facial Filler Treatments: Essential Before And After Care

Written By Alla Levin
December 26, 2020

Facial Filler Treatments: Essential Before And After Care


If you are going to undergo a facial filler treatment with hyaluronic acid or vitamins, it is advisable to follow the following instructions:

  1. Do not take anticoagulants 1 week before treatment;
  2. Do not take aspirin or any other medicine that contains Acetyl Salicylic Acid;
  3. Do not drink alcohol during the 3 days before treatment;
  4. Do not use vitamin K creams the 7 days before treatment.


Perioral aesthetic treatments with filling materials do not have a complicated postoperative period, and the normal thing is to return to daily life immediately. Even so, it would help if you took a series of precautions after treatment.

  1. In the first hours after the procedure, the treated area should not be touched or exposed to intense heat. Ozone steam treatments, saunas, hot springs, and tobacco are also contraindicated during the post-treatment period. In the case of lip augmentation, also avoid biting them.
  2. There should be no sun exposure for two reasons. It is a source of heat, and we have already commented that it is contraindicated. In the presence of a hematoma, it can become pigmented with sun action, hence the recommendation to use sun protection creams.
  3. The redness and swelling are secondary to the trauma caused during the product’s injection into the tissue. The redness lasts a few hours when it comes to Hyaluronic Acid or Plasma Rich in Growth Factors.

Inflammation, on the other hand, can last for several days. This slight inflammation causes the wrinkles to disappear, or the depth of the furrow decreases. Still, these effects disappear in a couple of days when the edema or inflammation has resolved. If necessary, you can take ibuprofen to reduce inflammation.

  1. Apply ice to the area to reduce inflation produced by the puncture and limit bleeding and therefore bruising.
  2. It is recommended to follow a series of hygienic habits for the treated area. Wash it with a mild soap for the skin and abstain from using any ointment or makeup substance for 48 hours except those that your doctor may have recommended.
  3. If you feel any irregularity to the touch in the infiltrated area, try massaging the area during the first 2 weeks.
  4. Apply Arnika Gel with 50 sunscreens 2 to 3 times a day to use the appropriate protection, and if bruises have formed, it is reabsorbed more quickly. They disappear after 5-10 days.
  5. The experts at looklovelylondon.co.uk recommend returning 30 days after the intervention so that the specialist can see the final result of the session when the tissues have already resolved their initial inflammatory process and the dermis has reacted appropriately to the presence of the filler implant.

You can then determine if you need to carry out an additional session to achieve the desired effect. The practitioner will solve small asymmetries by infiltrating more material in the area that requires it.

The amount of product and the number of sessions necessary to achieve the desired result will depend on:

  • Type of alteration;
  • Skin characteristics;
  • The age of the patient;
  • The treatment area.

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