The 7 Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends for 2023, According to Experts

Written By Alla Levin
November 22, 2019
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The Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends for 2023, According to Experts

Selfie culture continues to gain momentum: women dream of looking perfect on Instagram photos without using filters and other instruments for appearance enhancement. As the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports, about 16 million minimally invasive plastic procedures are conducted every year.

Many ladies decide on a radical transformation, so plastic surgeons probably know which cosmetic procedures are the most popular this year. If you want wrinkle-free skin then BOTOX Forehead is a popular method

Minimally invasive injection techniques

Botox for frown lines is increasingly preferred in contrast with other beauty injections and minimally invasive techniques of rejuvenation and facial contour modeling. According to ASPS, almost 7.5 million botox injections are made in the US annually.

Hyaluronic acid fillers and volumizers are also on the top. They restore volume in those skin areas where a woman has lost elasticity and defined the shape. They not only solve the problem of wrinkles and age-related ptosis but also stimulate the production of natural collagen much more effectively than any cream from a jar.

Natural proportionality of forms

Magnificent breasts, dumpling lips, and frozen facial expressions are in the past. Doctors already consider them as signs of an unhealthy artificial beauty. In 2019, that plastic surgery was considered successful, the results of which are not evident.

So patients want to recognize themselves in the mirror and preserve the basic features of their appearance and inquire about plastic procedures to make just minor changes Best rhinoplasty surgeons in Turkey call such procedures micro-optimizations.

And these are completely different from plastic surgery 10 years ago when patients came to plastic clinics with photos from glossy magazines.

Preventive interventions

Prevention in the beauty industry is considered to be proper skincare. This is exactly what cosmetologists and cosmetic brands insist on, creating more and more innovative means to combat imperfections like acne or age-related changes.

But there is also preventive plastic surgery. A facelift is the most popular type of preventive operation. This procedure is usually performed for women in their 30s to prevent changes in skin quality. Its main advantage is the ability to avoid radical surgical interventions in the future.

Unexpected use of fillers and implants

Obviously, the term “micro-optimization” is very popular with plastic surgeons, and now they are looking for it more unexpected application. For example, specialists in the USA and Europe use fillers to mask skin-pierced areas or to correct the nasal bridge without surgery, and these procedures are becoming increasingly popular. Silicone implants are inserted into the Cupid’s bow area above the upper lip, so you do not have to enlarge the lips with regular injections.

Similarly, in areas related to a breast lift or breast augmentation, some renowned plastic surgeons in the US and the world over are using techniques like microneedling breasts and Morpheus8 breast lift to look more attractive by having that perfectly proportionate shape.

Plastic Surgery Trends: Magnetic liposuction

The classic version of fat removal is a surgery with a long rehabilitation period, wearing special corrective underwear, and possible side effects like cellulite on the abdomen and hips.

It is much easier to make magnetic liposuction, the world’s first non-invasive method of removing fat. Magnetic fields are used to break down fat and activate muscle contractions. Visit the website to learn more.

In fact, in such an express format, you achieve the same result as after a year of intense fitness workouts. Of course, in order to maintain the result after the procedure, you will have to keep your diet and not lead a sedentary lifestyle.

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