Why is Investing in Cryptocurrency Now Interesting?

Written By Alla Levin
January 03, 2021
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Why is Investing in Cryptocurrency Now Interesting?

Been thinking about making mad money online, but nothing seems to work? We have all been there, but what if we tell you there is a way you can get filthy rich that doesn’t usually hit your mind. And that is, by investing in Cryptocurrency.

Kryptoszene suggests that cryptocurrency is the world’s fastest-growing digital asset and that, in particular, you should Ontology kaufen. Backed by blockchain and enabled for trading, cryptocurrency effectively offers multiple opportunities to those looking to make money fast. But like everywhere, investing in cryptocurrency also comes with a host of risks, like you can lose all your money in the blink of an eye, but it also has vast potential rewards.

A lot of crypto signals are here on the field, ALS the best paid crypto signals. Read on to find about the key aspects of the cryptocurrency market and see Why is investing in cryptocurrency now interesting?

Is it safe to invest in cryptocurrency?

The blockchain industry is developing further each day. The necessary financial infrastructure is being fabricated, such as institutional-grade custody services and futures markets, providing professional and individual investors the tools and opportunities they need to manage and safeguard their crypto assets. For example, financial giants (NASDAQ: PYPL) and square (NYSE: SQ) are making it simpler to buy and sell cryptocurrency by giving it a place on mainstream platforms.

And significant corporations, for example, MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) and square, have made huge investments into bitcoin and other digital assets. These companies unmistakably observe the potential of cryptocurrency – as do an increasing number of individual investors – and they accept the industry has developed to a point where putting sizable sums in crypto assets is safe.

However, certain risks are associated with investing in cryptocurrency, but they are not that predominant in the traditional stock market, such as those for stocks and bonds. Cryptocurrency exchanges are prone to fraud and criminal activity. We have observed some serious security breaches that resulted in sizable losses for investors who have had their cryptocurrencies stolen. It’s important to understand that cryptocurrencies and blockchain, in general, are the latest technologies.

While this makes the idea of investing in Cryptocurrency exciting, it also builds huge risks for investors, as a lot of this tech is as yet being created and isn’t yet demonstrated in real-world situations. Buying cryptocurrency is an early-stage contribution, and investors ought to expect venture-like results in which, by far, most crypto projects fall flat and become useless. Only a few projects result in success, and it’s hazy if these huge successes will be enough to balance the many misfortunes. Here is what you need to know about non fungible tokens.

Which cryptocurrencies are here in 2021?

Over 6,700 diverse cryptocurrencies are being traded today, as indicated by CoinMarketCap.com. And cryptocurrencies keep on multiplying, fund-raising through Initial coin MA, or ICOs. The all-out estimation of all cryptocurrencies on Dec. 18, 2020, was more than $645.7 billion, as per CoinMarketCap, and the complete estimation of all bitcoins, the most well-known advanced money, was fixed at about $421.7 billion.

It has already a decade since the launch of the most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Fast forward to today, we have a multitude of Digital tokens available for trading, that choosing one can be confusing. So you might be asking yourself which cryptocurrency is the best to invest in 2021? Should you go for big boys like Etheruem or Litecoin, or you should take on a just-in project, Uniswap? Or you should go for the safest and the most secure option, such as- Bitcoin?

BitcoinWhich cryptocurrencies are here in 2021

Bitcoin is the largest and oldest cryptocurrency. It was launched in 2009, dependent on a paper composed by Satoshi Nakamoto. The cryptocurrency has taken off from less than $50 in 2009 to nearly $23,000. That speaks to a CAGR of around 75% in 11 years, a speed unparalleled by any conventional resource like value, real estate, or gold. The record of bitcoin ownership and transactions is stored in thousands of computers and subsequently can’t be modified by any central authority.

This gives bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies their USP, and they keep on pulling in adherents. Bitcoin’s first enormous surge came in 2017 when it hopped from around $1,000 toward the beginning of the year to simply underneath $20,000 in December, a jump of multiple times in a year. The cryptocurrency slammed the next year to around $3,200 by December 2018. In any case, financial specialist wariness with free monetary policies of central banks in 2020 has prompted a rebound, with bitcoin soaring back to its untouched high and breaking records, at around $23,000.


Ethereum is considered more to be a medium of exchange than a store of value by cryptocurrency clients. It was the concept of a Russian-Canadian programmer, Buterin Vitalik. It was started with the vision of facilitating smart contracts or contracts written in code.

These smart contracts can combine cryptocurrency with the tools s of conventional finance, for example, borrowing cash against revenue. Ethereum has gone from less than a dollar in 2015 to its present price of $644 in only 5 years, a hop of 644%. Ethereum has reflected bitcoin in its price-performance however stayed well below its record-breaking high of around $1,350 in January 2018.

XRP or RippleXRP or Ripple

XRP is a cryptocurrency by Ripple Inc, a US company in 2012. XRP was designed for payments and remittances and worked similarly to SWIFT, the organization for moving cash between banks.


USD tie or USDT is a cryptocurrency that attempts to reflect the US dollar on a 1:1 premise. The tie is given by Tether Ltd, a company claimed by the administrator of Bitfinex, a cryptocurrency exchange in 2014. it is backed up by hard holds of US dollars to its subsidiaries.

There are tie cryptos fixed to the Euro and Chinese Yuan, yet the USD variation is the most well known. It is used as a USD substitute by cryptocurrency traders and investors, and since it is fixed to the USD dollar, it trades at a price of around $1.


Litecoin is a Bitcoin spinoff launched by Google engineer Charlie Lee in 2011 with the possibility of speedier transactions than conventional bitcoin. It differs from bitcoin in some of its technical processes. Litecoin rose from around $40 toward the beginning of 2020 to $109 as of now, which makes it a sure addition to our list of top 5 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2020.

Is Bitcoin a good investment?

Bitcoin can or cannot be a good investment based on the high-risk end of the investment spectrum. Cryptocurrencies are volatile when it comes to a price point. Scams are another minus that might cause you to lose everything, but the chance of a sudden increase in value can also not be missed, so you should definitely give Bitcoin investment a try.

Cryptocurrencies could remain niche, become standard, evaporate without following, and any investment should be considered high risk. Also, with any investment, don’t place all your faith in one company or one cryptocurrency. Investing your money in multiple cryptocurrencies divides the risk of loss.

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