Music Marketing in 2021: 7-step Guide for Aspiring Musicians

Written By Alla Levin
January 15, 2021
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Music Marketing in 2021: Guide for Aspiring Musicians

If singing makes you feel euphoric and constantly being told that you have all the qualities to become a star one day, perhaps it is the right time to start your journey. The digital world gives you unlimited opportunities to build your name and turn yourself into a success story.

However, considering the sea of information and ever-changing market trends, finding effective ways of starting your music career might seem extremely challenging. So, let us introduce you to the 7-step guide for promoting your music in 2021. Hopefully, you will find this information useful.

Step 1: Find your niche

First things first, you need to find an audience for the unique music you create. Contrary to popular belief, your music cannot appeal to everyone. The entire humanity did not praise even the captivating melodies of Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. So, instead of following the well-worn path, do some research. Read the biographies and critics of the most successful musicians in your genre. Dig deeper and learn about the differences between subgenres.

Think about adding some instruments which are not generally used in your category. Furthermore, invent your own musical language and ask for feedback from your fans and colleagues. Undoubtedly, finding your niche will help you with your career path in today’s saturated music market.

Step 2: Music marketing: build a background storyMusic marketing

While planning your music promotion campaign, never underestimate the power of storytelling. We adore stories. We love to see how people who are just like us make it happen despite all the hardships and difficulties. Try to open up and talk even about your most unpleasant life experiences.

What was your childhood like? Did you have an opportunity to attend college? Have you ever been a bully victim? Have you ever suffered from a lack of confidence or depression? If yes, how did you overcome these obstacles? How did you manage to find the courage and keep on chasing your dreams? Try to introduce your authentic, honest, and vulnerable self to the audience and see the magic!

Step 3: Polish your social media accounts

Start by selecting and prioritizing social networks, which work best for you. Make sure to upload a relevant profile picture and fill up the about section. Link your accounts. Create a posting strategy and feed framework. Besides, try to create new posts consistently.

However, do not forget to customize your posts for different social networks. E.g., what is the best for Instagram might not work for Twitter. If you do not have enough time to manage your accounts, make sure that you will hire professionals to do this job, as it is your reputation at stake. You can also try out leveraging buy TikTok likes services to enhance your recognition online.

Step 4: Use music streaming platformsmusic streaming platforms

2020 proved to us that we live in a music streaming world where music is no longer a commodity. Therefore, building your name on top music streaming platforms can be considered a cornerstone for your success. Sadly, the competition there is quite intense and strong. Therefore, if you wish to attract a considerable number of followers in a short period of time, using various service providers, such as Jaynike, can be among your best options. Increasing your online presence will definitely quicken your success and make you the next target for the music talent scouts.

Step 5: Make music videos

Creating authentic and aesthetic videos for your music can increase your fan base and reach out to new audiences. Besides, it is quality content for your YouTube, TikTok, and other popular video streaming platforms. Furthermore, if you succeed in matching the right song with the right video content, you might give birth to a new hit! However, as music video creation can be costly, you need to carefully plan each step and ensure that all the expenses meet the budget constraint.

Step 6: Make emotional connections with your fansMake emotional connections with your fans

Regardless of the industry, being engaged with your fans is a must for every artist. If you intend to achieve long-term career success and make your name famous on a global scale, people need to see you and love you as a human long before they love your music. Try your best to connect with your fans online, as well as offline. Make Q&A live videos, repost from fans, show them behind-the-scenes pictures, play for charity events, motivate and inspire your followers, etc.

Step 7: Music marketing: grow a professional network

Finally, invest your time and energy in cultivating deep and meaningful relations with the people in charge of relevant industries. Remember that event organizers, representatives of broadcasting media and your more successful colleagues have enough power and influence to introduce you to broader audiences and get you closer to your career goals.

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