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How to Choose a Great Valentines Present for a Creative Girlfriend

The most romantic day of the year is almost here – Valentine’s Day. Do you know how to choose a proper Valentine’s Day present for a smart and creative woman? There are a few reasons I have chosen to raise this question, and they are very simple.

Reason #1: Unfortunately, men very often buy useless presents

Valentines Present for a Creative Girlfriend: I know, that you as a smart man, have chosen the best woman to impress with your attention this day. If you think of her and spending time in a search for the perfect Valentine’s Day present ideas – she is the most beautiful, the smartest, the sexiest, the most curious, life-loving, active, the funniest, and the most attractive girl in the world.

Congrats – that is a perfect start to start choosing Valentine’s Day Present for a Creative Girlfriend. Now, we need you to show her what she means to you brilliantly and appropriately. We are about to start choosing a perfect Valentine’s day present for the lady with great hobbies, an active life position, a creative mind, and we will do that very wisely!

Reason #2: Unfortunately, men are not sure what excites their women the most

Valentines Present for a Creative Girlfriend

I am very sorry been so straight, but let’s be honest, guys. How do you usually choose presents for a woman? I am sure it is a prompt decision. I am certain that you have an excellent taste and sense of the woman’s needs, but there is still some space for creativity.

Maybe you have already run out of all the ideas with gifts ideas for her, or maybe it is a first Valentine’s Day gift? I am here to help you choose the right, contemporary and creative Valentine Gifts for any budget. Why would you trust me?

Because I am one of those girls who know exactly what a smart, curious, and life-loving girl wants, and it’s not just your attention! Yes, we are modern and creative ladies; we are strong enough to get everything that we want for ourselves.

We still hope you will stop giving us a cliché Valentine’s present from the list of the “Best Presents for Valentine’s Day for Her,” like candles, perfumes, lingerie, jewelry, or purse. It’s not just because we have seen it all before; it is because we need you to think well and understand clearly what do we like before you add anything to the “valentine’s day shopping cart.” And here we go – all you need to learn.

Things men should know before adding anything to the “Valentine’s Day Shopping Cart.”online Valentine’s Day cards 

First of all, it’s not about the price of the present. If you have chosen the right woman, she will not calculate how much you spent on Valentine’s Day present. She doesn’t care! She wants to know you are thinking of her, even if it is just by starting the day with online Valentine’s Day cards in her email inbox.

She cares about how well you understand her needs, interests, and vision of life. How deep can you see her great personality? We love to know that we are beautiful, that is true, but even more astonishing is to see that you are fascinated by our bright and creative personalities.

So, start thinking of your sweetheart’s interests and hobbies, and I’ll start with the right ideas for presents for Valentine’s Day. Remember, it must be something unique, creative, and not ordinarily. Hey, it’s 2017, and we have got away a long and excellent list of the new generation of presents to melt a beautiful heart.

Hey, it’s 2017, and we have got a long and good list of the new generation of top Valentine’s Day gifts and presents to melt the heart of the beautiful and intelligent woman.

We are going to go shopping smartly. Before the start, I have a small gift for you straight away. Get a 10$ when you join the best cashback service Ebates. This is the best one I have ever tried. How does it work?

Ebates cash back service

Simple, every time you shop online, you earn cashback when getting Valentine’s Day Present for a Creative Girlfriend, that it is. All the mentioned products in this post are available to purchase using this service, allowing you to get up to 5% of cashback. You`ll figure it how it all works, very comfortable.

A list of the top Valentines Gifts, based on the interests and hobbies of your creative girlfriend

Fashion Lover

Bird wings feather fashion design scarf by Shovava

It’s a well-known fact that we, women, adore fashion. But smart and creative girls go for the unique and outstanding style first. A style that can make us stand out from the crowd and highlight our personality.

In this case, let me offer you to present her – Wings! Yes, I mean it, and I mean beautiful bird wings feather fashion design scarf. A young designer Shovava from Australia does wearable art, wings, scarves, and clothing. Who does not dream about wings? Her scarves will become an incredible gift for a creative woman.

This bird wings feather fashion design scarf is not just a unique fashion accessory but a great element for the photo shooting. Trust me, and you will pull the trigger of creativity with this gift!

Photography Lover

Think Tank TurnStyle_dslr camera bags for women
Think Tank TurnStyle 10 Convertible Sling Bag & Belt Pack

If your girlfriend is into professional photography, an excellent present choice is here! Think Tank TurnStyle 10 Convertible Sling Bag & Belt Pack. A perfect women’s DSLR camera bag.

Add to your shopping cart right away. I am telling you about this stylish camera backpack for the photographer and traveler. The backpack for the camera will come in handy for the photographer.

Сamera backpack offers a smooth rotation for fast access to gear and accessories of the owner.

This camera cross-body bag is considered the most comfortable backpack for the camera for traveling. It easily converts from a sling bag to a belt pack for increased comfort and flexibility to keep the owner’s belongings safe, easy, and comfortable.

Drawing, Coloring – Art Lover

prismacolor colored pencils+coloring for adults
Prismacolor Pencils+Coloring for Adults

We, creative ladies, love to get inspired! Adult coloring is an enjoyable hobby, and the set of Prismacolor pencils would be an excellent gift idea. Why? “Prismacolor” pencils are considered the best coloring pencils for artists.

They have a broad range of shades and are well pigmented. Fantastic coloring pages from Sketchy Stories: The Sketchbook Art of Kerby Rosanes is amazing and will boost her creative vision and learn something new.

It may be difficult for you to choose a proper album for the drawing, but you always win with an excellent coloring book and Prismacolor pencils.


Sketch Box Subscription
Sketch Box Subscription

If your girlfriend’s art is not just a hobby but something more, go for a Sketch Box Subscription. This a present to impress your lady with the deepest level of her soul. What is she going to get?

A perfect selection of premium art supplies empowers artists such as Copic markers, Krink paint markers, Pan Pastels, Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils, Zig Brush Pens, Van Gogh watercolors, Gum Erasers, and other mediums to explore. You can choose a few options. SketchBox Basic Box or Premium Box for the extra 10 $. It`s a magnificent present for the art lover, so no doubts grab it now, she will love it.

Beauty Lover

New Nude Eyeshadow Palette from HUDA BEAUTY

Do you know at least one girl who is not interested in beauty? No, you don’t! It doesn’t matter how deep the interest in the beauty industry is, but it still is. Remember these two the most popular shopping destinations for every beauty lover: Sephora and Ulta. Those shops offer everything we love.

Don’t go deep. You will never understand that. But if you are running on time and don’t have ideas at all, a gift card from one of those online stores is a good choice. It can be a good option for a present for the Birthday or Christmas, but not today!

Today, you need to grab a limited edition of beauty items by one of the top brands in the beauty industry. What is the reason to do so? It will show her that you understand and respect her interest in this field, even if you have no idea about it.

You are choosing a unique collection masterpiece that we rarely buy for ourselves. But, I assure you every one of us would be more than happy to get this masterpiece for our beautiful collection. I have prepared two options for you if you are lucky to grab this amazing The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette from HUDA BEAUTY.

If this option is not available anymore, you still have a chance to buy Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette.  This is a professional Eyeshadow Palette that will melt the heart of a beauty lover in a second.

This unique and magnificent eyeshadow palette is still available at Ulta, and when you shop online, you will get an additional present. But once again, hurry up; you don’t have much time left. This is a professional Eyeshadow Palette that will melt the heart of a beauty lover in a second. This unique and magnificent eyeshadow palette is still available at Ulta, and when you shop online, you will get an additional present. Hurry up; you don’t have much time left.

Animal Lover

pet monitoring systempet store-petcube
Pet Monitoring System Petcube

Hello, 2017! We live in an era of gadgets that help us save our time and manage all our interests and hobbies. If your beautiful lady is an animal lover, this Valentine’s present will blow her mind! A Petcube! What is it about? She is probably worried about her pet when she is not at home, right? Pet cube Play is an indoor home pet camera that allows checking in on pets from your smartphone.

You are giving her not just a gift gadget, a pet monitoring system, but peace of mind so she would know that her pets and home are secure while she is on a date with you or is busy on the way to the top of the world – pet store!

Valentines Day Present for a Creative Girlfriend: Bullet Journaling Lover

2019 diary

Your girl obviously loves to be active and productive. Bullet Journaling might be what she is obsessed with. I am sure she is in constant search of a helpful and powerful day organizer, organizer planner.

Writing in a 2019 diary is a calming experience for anyone. It took me two years to find a perfect daily agenda planner like Passion Planner. I don’t think that it`s February outside.  This weekly planner is the best help for any creative and productive lady with goals, dreams, and actions. 

What`s Inside
• Passion RoadMap: Annual exercise helps you define and creates works for your goals in 3 months, one year, three years, and throughout your life.
• Weekly layouts (Sunday – Monday) that run from January 2017 – December 2017
• Annual and monthly overview calendars
• Monthly reflection questions to keep her focused on her progress
• 20 additional blank pages.

Home and Living

Ohhio Grande Punto blankets. Chunky blanket. Giant knit.
Chunky knit blanket by Ohhio

You know that she loves her home very much. She invests a lot of work and efforts to make it the most comfortable, the most beautiful, coolest, and cozy place in the world. Ohio’s giant knitted blanket is a unique masterpiece to add comfort and uniqueness to any space. What is it? Ohhio designers create chunky knit huge blankets. 

Large knit blanket cozy blankets with merino wool that’s what we need. This brand was created in 2015 by Ukrainian artist Anna Marinenko. When a large skein of merino wool caught her eye, she started knitting it using her arms instead of needles.

She snapped a quick photo of the chunky result, put it up online, and responded, convinced her that this style is destined to be huge.

In December 2015, Ohio, successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign and brought chunky knit to the mainstream. Today Ohhio with each of their creations, strives to present a pure beauty. An incredible idea for Valentine’s Day present.

Star Lover

buying a telescope for beginners
Valentines Present for a Creative Girlfriend: Celestron Astromaster 70mm EQ Refractor Telescope

If the love for space and stars lives in her mind, you have an extraordinary mission – to make starts close to her—Celestron Astromaster 70mm EQ Refractor Telescope, 900mm f/13 Focal Length with German Equatorial Mount. The best Valentines’ Present for a Creative Girlfriend is a  great beginner telescope for Valentine’s day.

Its mirror will provide clear and bright images of the Moon, the planets, and dozens of deep-sky objects like the Orion Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy, the great star cluster in Hercules, and much more. In about five minutes, both of you will learn how to follow the stars with an easy and intuitive method.

Book Lover

Love in the Louvre by Jean-Claude Bologne
Book Cover.  Love in the Louvre by Jean-Claude Bologne.

Reading is a very respectful hobby. In this case, what can be a better present than a book for a book lover? Unique collection edition of books that is a big thing that a smart woman will defiantly keep in her library. Love in the Louvre by Jean-Claude Bologne.

This book is a celebration of love through the works of the Louvre in Paris. The perfect present for the romantically inclined art lover. I hope you like this list of not ordinary Valentine’s Gifts Ideas. In case you have decided to make a present for me, I will be more than happy to get any of it.

Valentines Present for a Creative Girlfriend

All those Valentine`s presents ideas are brilliant and will impress every creative and life-loving lady. Please support this post sharing it with your friends 😉

Thank you! XXX

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