Machine Learning Vs Software Development: What Career to Choose?

Written By Alla Levin
January 21, 2021
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Machine Learning Vs Software Development?

In the USA alone, almost 1.5 million people choose a career as a software engineer. The demand for such professionals is growing at a quick rate. With machine learning becoming an integral part of numerous tools, machine learning engineering turns into a serious niche.

When deciding which career to tackle, many people are trying to figure out which of these two positions is the best for them. Let’s take a closer look at what machine learning engineers and software developers have in common and why they choose one option over another.

Benefits of Becoming a Machine Learning EngineerMachine Learning Vs Software Development

Machine learning is the driving force behind the success of many tools people and organizations use today. A career in machine learning has a high potential.

  •          The skill of the future – in the nearest future, ML is likely to become an integral part of all tools both individuals and companies use for various needs. By choosing ML, it’s possible to gain highly demanded skills and secure a high paying career.
  •         Access to new solutions – machine learning can help find solutions for various problems modern businesses face. With a career in ML, a person can work on real-life challenges and create solutions that can have a positive effect on peoples’ lives.
  •         Quick career advancement– while machine learning is gaining momentum, ML engineers have an opportunity to experience quick career advancement. The demand for experts of all levels is likely to keep getting higher.
  •         High salary – with the industry taking large leaps forward, a machine learning engineer can expect a high beginner salary. Today, the average annual salary of an ML engineer is a little over $150,000.
  •         Exploration – since the ML industry is relatively new, there are many unexplored possibilities. Becoming an ML engineer allows you to become the person who uncovers something new in the field.

Just like software developers, machine learning engineers develop apps and solutions. However, their main focus is to create a program that could handle tasks previously done by humans. Machine learning experts have an interesting career with a high potential for growth and discoveries.  

Benefits of Becoming a Software DeveloperBenefits of Becoming a Software Developer

Software developers are in high demand all over the world. By 2029, the software development field is expected to grow by 22%, making a career in software development a choice with high growth potential.

  •         High demand – extremely high demand for software developers makes it easy to find a job. With the industry growing continuously, the demand isn’t likely to subside in the next decade and beyond.
  •         Continuous learning – the IT industry is always changing, allowing software developers to learn something new every day. Such a learning environment makes the job interesting, captivating, and diverse.
  •         Remote work – software developers can work remotely, which is in high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their ability to work from home comes with flexibility, making it easy to juggle work, learning, and personal life.
  •         High pay – the average salary of a software developer in the United States is about $92,000.
  •         Self-made career – you don’t need a college degree to become a software developer. Many developers learn on their own. As long as you have an impressive portfolio, a college diploma is not required.

Overall, a career in software development is prestigious, flexible, and high paying. According to software development experts from Entrance Consulting, it can be an excellent choice for both a high school graduate and an adult looking for a career change.

Machine Learning Vs Software Development: Which Career is Right for You?

Both machine learning engineers and software developers are in high demand. If you compare salaries, ML engineers currently earn about 30% more than software developers do. However, software engineers tend to have an easier time finding a job without experience.

The current ML industry demands top-notch specialists. While it may change in the future, there aren’t many positions for average ML engineers on the market. However, average software engineers can easily find a good job.

Both ML engineer and software developer are high-paying positions with numerous learning and advancement opportunities. The choice depends on your preferences, plans, and skills.

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