How Long Do Child Custody Battles Last in Oklahoma?

Written By Alla Levin
January 24, 2021
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How Long Do Child Custody Battles Last in Oklahoma?

Child custody battles are an emotional turmoil on the involved parties. How can it not when the physical and legal custody of your child lies in the hands of the court? And these cases can often get ugly as well, especially if the parties can’t come to an agreement and there’s a dispute.

Going into a child custody battle unprepared is a terrible idea. Before deciding if you should take the case to court, you’d want to know how long a child custody case can last in Oklahoma to get yourself prepared before setting foot in the court. Here’s everything you need to know on the duration of a child custody battle in Oklahoma:

What’s the Average Duration of a Child Custody Case?

First things first, it is important to know that no two child custody cases are similar. If someone else had their case resolved within three weeks, it might not be the same scenario for yours. Child custody cases can last anywhere from a few weeks to months or even years. In some cases, the duration might even go up to 18 months. In the end, the timeframe depends on whether the parties can reach an agreement and the data provided in the case, which collaboratively decide the best interests of the child.

What to Prepare For?How Long Do Child Custody Battles Last

Starters should decide custody with the other party yourself without taking it to court. However, that’s not always the best-case or even possible scenario. If both parties cannot agree to the other’s terms, another solution is to go for a legal consultancy to form a mediation or a mid-way agreement. Both parties will have to compromise when going for mediation, but again this will exclude the trouble of going into court.

The worst-case scenario is if you can’t agree on any terms amongst yourselves, in which case you can’t avoid the court situation. If this happens, prepare yourself for spending months in court if you and the other party can’t resolve the dispute. You will also need to get ready for the financial expenses of a legal attorney. A child custody case is a crucial matter, hence, do not just settle for any attorney but also provide you the best legal services in Oklahoma like to resolve the case quickly.

What are the Factors that Affect the Case’s Duration?

Besides the general data and agreement of parties, numerous other factors can influence your child custody case’s duration. Knowing these factors can help determine what’s prolonging the case.

  1. Will the Case Go For Trial?– Your case doesn’t necessarily have to proceed to trial if you or the opposing party can settle on the agreements outside the court. The case can also get resolved quickly if the parties reach an agreement even after the case goes to trial. Meanwhile, if the case does go to trial, you can expect it to last a few months since there’ll be plenty of case hearings with a gap of several days or weeks in between them.
  2. What Are the State Laws?- Another key factor that determines the duration of a child custody case in the state in which the case is being proceeded to trial. Oklahoma is the 20th largest case in the US, making it one of the most populous, which ultimately means there are tons of child custody cases going into court. Your case’s duration can depend on the number of cases going to court at any given time, which decides the period of your trial dates.
  3. Which Law Firm Are You Hiring? No doubt, a law firm impacts not only the court’s decision in your favor or mediation with the opposing party but also the duration of the trial in court. Having an experienced law firm with a proven record of winning child custody cases can go to your benefit for acquiring custody and resolving the case in a shorter period. Hence, it is important to consider your options before hiring a legal attorney.
  4. What Are the Case Details?– The specifics of the case also decide the duration of the trial. In other words, if there are unfavored circumstances for either party that disrupt the well-being of the child, the court will decide against that party. As an example, in cases that have a history of physical or emotional abuse, sexual harassment, drug abuse, etc., of either parent, the court will decide in favor of the opposing party. These specifics can make the case duration relatively quicker than when both parties are equally competent, making the court ruling harder and longer.

How Long Do Child Custody Battles Last: ConclusionHow Long Do Child Custody Battles Last

Taking a child custody case to court isn’t easy at all. But what can make it slightly better is hiring an experienced attorney who understands your case and can make the entire process smoother. Once again, consider the options of the law attorney on your case carefully. After all, it’s the stake of you as a parent and your child’s future in your hands.

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