When Should You Consult a Lake County Criminal Lawyer

Written By Alla Levin
January 25, 2021

When Should You Consult a Lake County Criminal Lawyer

The crime rate, both violent and property crime in Lake County, is 32.4 and 60.1, respectively. If either you or any of your family members face any such situation, you must discuss it with your criminal lawyer before proceeding further.

If any unforeseen circumstances get you tangled up in some criminal charges, it can be tough to decide whether you should consult a Lake County criminal lawyer or not.

You should not wait too long to contact the criminal lawyers in Lake County as it can affect your freedom and rights. There are many local criminal lawyers in areas like Waukegan in Lake County whom you can approach at the right time.

If you are unsure when to talk to a Criminal lawyer, here are some situations which call for an immediate consultation with them:

When the Police Bring a Search Warrant

In case the police find probable cause to believe that you possess some evidence of a crime, they have the power to search your personal belongings and areas. They can get a search warrant to search any place they think the evidence can be located. It can be your home, car, or even your computer.

So if you are served with a search warrant by Lake County’s Crime Task Force or the Special Investigations Group, you can immediately consult your Lake County, the criminal lawyer. The attorney can go through the warrant and ensure that the police remain within the places they have mentioned in the warrant.

When You Get a Notice to Appearform of criminal charges

Sometimes police investigations will result in some form of criminal charges. In such a case, if the police call you to come in, or if you get served with a notice telling you to appear before municipal, district, or circuit court, then it is high time you call a local criminal lawyer, preferably from Lake County itself.

Once you talk to the lawyer, you can avoid the inconvenience of the arrest.

If You Are Going To Trials

If you are considering going to a trial, you can reach out to a Lake County criminal lawyer. It is mainly important if you are innocent against the charges filed against you. When you consult with a criminal lawyer at such a time, they will help figure out if you have to go to the trial or consider a plea bargain.

A skilled criminal lawyer will go through the evidence, analyze the strengths and weaknesses and guide you in the right way.

If The Police Wants To Interview You

You have the right to call in a local criminal lawyer when the police are interviewing you. Before sharing any knowledge about you or someone else, you first have to consult with a criminal lawyer in Lake County.

There are many chances for you to break down and go to extreme measures due to the police’s intense pressure. To avoid this, it is good to have a criminal lawyer’s support on your side.

Between 2010 to 2017, around 43% of Lake County felony defendants who opted for a trial through a jury trial or a bench trial with a defense lawyer’s assistance were not convicted at trial. Never hesitate, as extreme pressure can build up on your side in a short time. If you feel or believe that you are on the radar of a police investigation, you should immediately approach a local Lake County criminal lawyer.

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