What Are Spray-in Bedliners
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What Are Spray-in Bedliners and How Do They Work?

One cannot talk about bed liners without mentioning trucks as they are the basis of bed liners in the first place.

Pickup trucks are lightweight vehicles with an enclosed cab in front and an open cargo area behind with a low tailgate and low sides.

They are a sort of utility vehicle that is strong and versatile.

They are used most times for passenger transport, but they can also be useful for transporting cargo and sometimes good for towing other vehicles.

Although they were once used as work tools, it is common to see people in the United States use them as passenger vehicles more than for work.

A normal truck can have one row of seats and a set of doors with one or either side.

An extended truck will have extra space behind the main seat and may sometimes include small seats.

There is also a double cab that can seat up to five or six persons and have four doors.

The cargo bed in different trucks vary in size depending on whether the vehicle is meant for passenger comfort or optimized for carrying cargo.

They have sidewalls that are fixed and tailgates that are hinged. There are also two types of truck beds.

These are step-side and fleet-side. While for step-side, the fenders extend outside the cargo bed, for the fleet side, the wheels wells inside the cargo bed.

Before now, trucks bed were typically wood planks, but from the 1960s, they were now made with steel.

There are a variety of truck accessories, and one of the most important ones is a Bedliner. You can find some innovative ways to use your vehicle here.

What is a Bedliner?

A truck bedliner is a product used to protect the insides of a truck bed from dents, scratches, and damages in general.

They have surfaces that are skid-resistant so that cargos can stay in place rather than move about.

There are two types, and these are spray-in and drop-in. The drop-in type requires no preparations, and it can easily be applied to the cargo bed and removed. The spray-in version requires preparation as this allows the coating that is used to stick to the bed.

Lots of truck owners often wonder if they should buy a bedliner for their trucks. To answer this, if you will be using it for haulage, it is advisable to do so.

Bedliners offer a layer of protection between whatever you are hauling and the surface of your truck.

It also protects it from rain, chemical spills, and rust.

You do not want to invest in a truck, and barely under a month later, it is all badly dented, scratched up, or damaged.

Even if you use your truck only as a passenger vehicle, you can also consider installing a bedliner as you never can tell when you may need to haul cargo.

With a bedliner, you can prevent damage to your vehicle.

Much more than protecting your truck, bedliners also makes it attractive and pleasant to the eye.

They can increase the value of your vehicle so that when you want to sell it, buyers will be willing to pay more.

You can learn more about them here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truck_bedliner.

How Spray-in Bedliners Work

Spray-on, which can otherwise be referred to as spray-in liner, is a type of bedliner made from sprayed substances onto the bed directly.

They are left to dry after spraying, providing an airtight fitting that will protect the bed against damage and corrosion.

How well the liner sticks to the bed will determine the length of time it will last.

Unlike drop-in liners, you do not need to worry about taking measurements or whether they will fit into your truck as they are custom-fitted.

Although spray-in liners are more expensive, they are worth their price tag because they are durable.

To use spray-in liners, there is a need to prepare the truck bed.

First, the paint or original coating is stripped down to the vehicle’s bare metal.

Blemishes such as corrosion or sometimes holes are treated and the bed surface prepared before the special spray-on paint is applied.

This spray-on paint has a textured surface, which protects the truck bed from scratches or scuffs and keeps cargo from sliding around.

Doing this sounds quite simple but spray in bedliners requires the expertise of skilled technicians.

This is because a person without the requisite knowledge will perform a poor job, which will ultimately amount to a waste of money and time. This means that when you are trying to install a spray-on liner, you should endeavor to choose experienced professionals.

You should carry out due diligence, investigate, and research for installers before choosing one. Also, check reviews about the business and ask around about them.

Bear in mind that if your vehicle has a corrosion warranty, applying a spray-on liner will invalidate it. This is due to the paint removal required before the liner can be applied.

What Are Spray-in Bedliners: Conclusion

Truck bedliners provide a great way to preserve vehicle from damages such as dents, scratches, and deterioration.

They also protect it from rainwater, chemicals, and rust.

Your vehicle is an investment, and you should make every effort to preserve it. Although spray-in liners are quite expensive, they offer more durability than any other type of bedliner.

Not to forget, ensure to choose experienced professionals for your installation to avoid a botched or low-quality job.

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