Stop Doing These 12 Things Daily to Avoid Wrinkles

Written By Alla Levin
February 15, 2021
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Stop Doing These Things to Avoid Wrinkles

Are you suffering from aging signs on your skin? We all need to pay attention to SPF and if we all are ignoring this, then stop doing this because, without SPF, our skin becomes worst.

This blog will share some essential things that we all need to stop to avoid wrinkles. It’s pretty easy to follow because if you keep making these unusual habits, it will impact your healthiest complexion.

Don’t rub your eyes

I have seen so many people, including myself rubbing their eyes frequently, and do you know the skin around the eyes is super delicate and loses collagen and elasticity?

It causes wrinkles because the more you rub your eyes, the more chances of getting wrinkles. You all need to avoid pulling your eyes upward to apply eyeliner because it affects the skin, and wrinkles would be noticeable.

Keep your shades always with you

Always keep your shades with you because they will force the muscles between your brows and around the eyes. Direct sun exposure causes wrinkles only when we make a move. The best way to prevent it is to wear sunglasses in the sun or get help from an eye doctor to avoid crow’s feet.

Don’t wear contact lenses

Well, it would be difficult for everyone to admit the fact that wearing contact lenses causes wrinkles. It’s not the only worst thing because the way you insert the lenses is wrong. You raised the brows for applying contact lenses, and mascara causes the wrinkles on the forehead.

Avoid overeating sugar

It doesn’t matter if you crave dessert but let me tell you, sweet is not suitable for your skin. Excessive sugar intake increases the aging process with harmful compounds by combining protein and fat in the bloodstream.

Fat and protein damage collagen and elastin, resulting in wrinkles sagging in the skin. Take skinless chicken, salmon, garlic, green tea, raspberries, and olive oil into your diet to fight against wrinkles.

Lack of sleep

Beauty sleep is the best thing because it also relaxes your skin and repairs it. If you people are not getting enough sleep, it will affect your skin complexion. Sleep deprivation affects facial features around the eyes and mouth. It may cause swollen eyes and dark circles. Ensure people are sleeping peacefully and taking at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily. Best anti wrinkle pillow would help to improve your sleep and prevent forming new wrinkles significantly.

Gazing at smartphones and laptops

Nowadays, everyone has smartphones in their hands, and they cannot stop their hands from scrolling. Keep electronic devices aside because when you bend your eyes and neck repeatedly and again, it produces wrinkles around the eyes. Frowning causes lines on your face with constant neck bending. You need to discuss this with your doctor to know what to do further to stop wrinkles.

Don’t eat chewing gumDon’t eat chewing gum

When you eat chewing gum, you see muscle overactivity in the cheeks, and doing this consistently causes collagen to break and lose elasticity. Avoid chewing gum every day; you can do it occasionally.

Exposure to direct sun

Wherever you go outside, make sure you are wearing SPF because direct exposure will strip off the skin barrier. It affects your complexion. Daily exposure to smog, sun, cigarette, smoke can make your skin exhausted. Always go for detoxifying methods to rejuvenate your skin to fight against skin issues.

Alcohol intake

We all need to limit the alcohol intake because it leaves a severe impact on the skin and damages the skin barrier because of harmful activity. Apart from alcohol abuse, stop taking other types of dangerous drugs that cause wrinkles. Over drinkers need to take help from alcohol rehab.

Eat more soy

Soy has properties to deal with photoaging damage. As per various researches, soy-based supplements improve skin’s structure and bring firmness in just six months of usage.

Take salmon

We all know salmon is an excellent source of protein because it builds a protective block of great skin. You would find essential fatty acids such as omega-3 because they nourish your skin and make it healthy and plump. Salmon reduces wrinkles and keeps you away from aging factors.

Use moisturizer

People who are concerned with antiaging products need to add a good moisturizer to their skincare regime. Never overlook moisturizer because not using this properly would strip off the skin moisture and increase fine lines and wrinkles.

Homemade remedies for wrinkle-free skin

Apart from a diet routine, you all need to try these homemade remedies for wrinkle-free skin. Take a look

Coconut oil

It is one of the best sources for giving a natural glow to the skin to fade wrinkles and lines. Massage with coconut oil under eyes and affected areas in circular motions. Leave it overnight. Follow this before going to bed.

Castor oilAvoid Wrinkles

Castor oil is the best thing to increase elastin production and collagen in the skin. Wrinkles and fine lines start disappearing over time. Use a cotton ball to apply castor oil to the affected areas. Don’t forget to massage this every night to see results.

Grape seed extract for wrinkles

Grape seed helps you to get rid of wrinkles. Take the extract and apply it over the affected area. Leave it on for some time, and then wash it off. Your skin will be supple and wrinkle-free. It gives a healthy glow by supplying the skin with fatty acids and vitamin E.

Argan oil for wrinkles

Take a few drops of argan oil and massage the affected area. It contains a high amount of essential fatty acids as well as vitamin E to rejuvenate skin. Keep using this regularly and see the possible reduction to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

These are the things that we should stop doing to avoid wrinkles. Try to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Don’t forget to ask your doctor if they may suggest the best things to apply on their face.

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