How to Prepare your Car for Shipping

Written By Alla Levin
February 19, 2021
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How to Prepare a Car for Shipping

When moving to a new location, shipping your car might be necessary, especially if it’s far from your current home. However, when shipping a car with personal items consider, that your car isn’t as easy as it may sound. Therefore, it would help if you were hands-on when it comes to preparing it for shipment.

This ensures that it arrives quickly and safely at your new place. With careful preparation, you are saving yourself from theft, the risk of damage, and further costs. To ensure the best experience for car shipment, follow these proper shipping procedures.

Look for a trustworthy vehicle transport service to prepare a car for shipping

A reliable vehicle transport service is essential for a safe and quick shipment. Transportation services make use of car trucks to ship your car across long distances. Whether you want to ship car from Hawaii, Florida, or Alaska, hiring an enclosed auto transport company makes everything less hassle. However, when finding transport services, doing your research is a must. To ensure that the company you hire is reliable, make sure to do the following tasks:

  • Read the customer reviews on their website to determine their reputation;
  • Ask if they ship terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door;
  • Ask how long will it take for your car to arrive at its destination.

The door-to-door shipment, hauling of vehicle is a bit costly, but it is the safest and most convenient shipment type. On the other hand, the terminal-terminal option is more affordable. Still, it would be best if you also considered the costs of driving it to your new place. It usually takes two to three weeks to ship a car to long-distance locations. For overseas shipment, it may take as long as three to twelve weeks.

Get a car insurance

Although a reputable cheapest auto transport company ensures that your car will arrive safely at your new destination, damages to your vehicle may still happen. Thus, getting your car insured before the shipment date can be a good move. It will prevent the risk of incurring high costs for damages and repairs.

Make an appointment with an insurance company to discuss their policies and to inquire if it would be applicable while the car is in transit. Check the amount of coverage and the type of car insurance they offer. Make sure to read the insurance contract carefully before signing it.

Remove the junks and other accessories

Not removing personal items in the car can result in many problems while your car is in transit, such as theft and damage. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you remove junk and other accessories before the truckers take your vehicle for shipment.

Some car transport services prohibit owners from keeping belongings in the car when they ship it out. In contrast, others allow items so long as it is not visible through the window. However, to ensure that the company won’t deny shipping your car, it is best to clear out all unnecessary items.

Secure openings or loose car parts Secure openings or loose car parts 

Moving car parts or parts that have the potential to become lost while in transit should be secured before the shipment. This will prevent damages to your car and keep people traveling near your car safe.

If you have a convertible car, make sure that it is appropriately placed to avoid sliding or opening. Check the wheels, side mirrors, and antennas if they are correctly mounted. Moreover, make sure to protect fragile parts in your car with a protective covering. You also need to consider removing detachable car items and reattach it later when it arrives at your new place.

List down existing damage

It is typical for a vehicle to have minor damages from regular use and weather exposure. These are often small enough to go unnoticed and mostly overlooked. However, ignoring these issues may result in a costly mistake.

As such, it’s vital to inspect your car thoroughly before you schedule it for shipping. List down all scuffs, scratches, dings, and other minor damages. Take photos as proof of these minor issues because you might need them in case you need to demand compensation for damages.

Have it checked by a mechanic before shipmentHawaii car transport

Before you have Hawaii car transport pick up your car for shipment, it needs to be checked by a professional mechanic. Unknown and unexpected issues should be repaired because the trucker has to operate it correctly in the truck. The car must have working brakes, transmission, and ignition. The brakes must be in good condition to prevent unwanted movements while in transit.

Inspect your car upon arrival

A safe shipment doesn’t end on your car’s arrival. It needs to be rechecked once it arrives at its destination. Since the car has traveled a long distance, there might be damage to your vehicle while in transit. Hence, it would be best to inspect it before you allow the shippers to leave the premises.

Retrieve the photos and notes you have taken before you ship the car. Compare the before and after the appearance of your vehicle. If you have some issues with the shipment, state it in the transport company’s bill.

Prepare Car for Shipping: The Bottom Line

Preparing and getting your car ready for shipment minimizes a lot of problems that may occur during shipping. It means less hassle on your part and keeps your relocation schedule as planned. Most importantly, with proper preparation and reliable transport service, your relocation to your new place will be more streamlined, safe, and less stressful for you.

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