7 Useful Apps for Students Who Practice Mindfulness

Written By Alla Levin
March 10, 2021

Useful Apps for Students Who Practice Mindfulness

The occurrence of mental conditions in students keeps on rising. But what is the cause? The majority of mental disorders stem from stress and depression. The learning environment of students is, more often than not, unforgiving.

Studies have shown that students spend at least a third of their study time in anxiety. If the anxiety levels are high, stress will always kick in. Remaining in such a state for a long time will most likely cause depression. In its turn, depression may worsen existing health conditions in students and lead to insomnia, low energy levels, decreased appetite, and weight loss.

But how can you avoid all this, keeping in mind schools are resuming amid a pandemic? The answer lies in leisure activities and practicing mindfulness.

For some students, it can entail being a paper writer, a track-and-field athlete, a soccer player, or a gamer. Practicing mindfulness helps an individual unwind and keep anxiety at bay. It involves activities like meditation, breathing exercises, and listening to soothing sounds.

Luckily, some apps and this https://autoclicker-ios.com can help students practice mindfulness. Below are the top 7 apps that you can use for this purpose.


Many schools utilize the application to acquaint students with meditation rehearsals. New clients get the basic course for free. This permits them to decide whether meditation is something they need to proceed with.

In the event that it is, memberships give admittance to various mindfulness activities. Additionally, the subject matter gets conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner. Therefore, if a student is not yet acquainted with mindfulness but is interested in learning, they should look at Headspace.

Insight TimerInsight Timer

This app professes to offer the broadest library of free guided meditation content. It includes in excess of 15,000 choices accessible with a few clicks. Additionally, a timer is available to help you choose from several sounds. The sounds signify the start and end of mindfulness activities. There is a particular segment specifically for novices as well.

Relax Melodies

This iOS and Android application make ambient sounds to help students rehearse meditation sessions alone. It has soothing tracks for everyone, from a seasoned athlete to an ordinary essay writer who needs to concentrate while working. There is a tune for anyone, and it is totally free! The app provides a calming effect for individuals who adore meditation and yet are searching for something to guide them.


This is a free Android and iOS application that goes over meditation exercises. Students can start them with a five-day instructional session. From that point forward, Welzen offers guided reflection programs. It also provides individual recommended meditation tracks to go with the sessions.

Clients can browse a few 5, 10, 15, and 20-minute single reflection periods or pick a meditation plan to rehearse. The application offers such activities for youngsters as well. Yes, this alternative has guided reflection sessions explicitly for young children.


The application highlights inspirational quotes through its very satisfying interface and supportive components like an inherent clock. DreamyKid is another mindfulness tool designed for young students.

However, people of all ages can receive something positive from using this app. There are applications for special needs as well. Some of them function amicably, assisting kids in calming down before nap time, and others can help them stay focused on assignments.

Students can download DreamyKid free of charge. The only downside is that the app currently is not accessible for Android users. For now, it is available only on the IOS platform. However, developers are working on the Android version.

Apps for Students: Omvana

Omvana is an iOS application that gives more than 50 guided meditation tracks in addition to rest sounds. It may very well be downloaded for free and incorporates a few free tracks, while others can be purchased.

These contemplation tracks can go from straightforward reflection music to completely guided meditation tunes. You can even alter your sessions with any of their more than 200 soothing tracks. Omvana is a decent answer for individuals who don’t know whether they need to burn through cash on a mindfulness application as a few unique tracks can be tested free of charge.

Take A Break!

This is another iOS and Android application from the Meditation Oasis Podcast. It offers guided reflections. Individuals who are interested in meditation applications and yet are uncertain about paying for them should first try “Take A Break!,” since it is free.

Apps for Students: Takeaway

While practicing mindfulness has immense mental benefits, rest is equally important. Practicing mindfulness is effective if students also take breaks. Therefore, you should always ensure to take a breath after every two-three hours of learning.

If a student gets a grasp of mindfulness, then a smartphone can be a helpful tool rather than a distraction. Take your pick from the list, install it, and enjoy the new experience!

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