How to Simplify Your Claims Process

Written By Alla Levin
March 11, 2021
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How to Simplify Claims Process

The claims process can be a make it or break it moment for auto insurance businesses. It’s easier and more cost-effective to keep your existing customers than put in the work to gain a new one. During the customer life cycle, the claims process is one of the most important points that can be a determining factor for the customer.

A simple and easy claims process can help you increase customer retention by improving your overall customer experience. Insurance companies who are more responsive to their policyholders throughout the claims process can earn and maintain dedicated customers. Here’s how you can simplify your claims process.

Use Technology

Technology can and should be a key component of your claims process. Customer Management Software (CMS) provides customers with personalized communication for claims so that auto insurance companies can maintain their current customers and streamline communication. Upgrading to more modern customer communication methods and software can process claims, estimates and communicate acceptance or denial.

Similarly, total loss vehicle valuation software can streamline internal processes so that insurance companies can determine a valuation for auto insurance customers easily and effectively.

Automating internal processes can also improve the claims process by having software or computer programs perform repetitive tasks instead of insurance agents. Instead, agents and brokers can work on more important tasks like communicating one-on-one with policyholders and potential customers. Automation can be used to streamline both internal and external processes, including communication and valuation estimation, along with customer service and more.

How to Simplify Claims Process: Be TimelyHow to Simplify Claims Process

Processing claims in a timely manner is key. Your customers don’t want to sit around waiting for you to give them an acceptance or denial. In the digital age, your customers expect an uncomplicated and streamlined claims process from beginning to end with accurate, timely communication. Some states have rules for how long claims processes are allowed to take, and If you are struggling to resolve an insurance claim on time you can reach out to the they have experienced helping policyholders get the results you required.

One thing that can help you speed up your claims process is to outsource tasks from handling claims to administrative tasks. If you’re a small insurance company that has an unusually long timeframe for claims to be processed, you may find that outsourcing certain tasks can help you speed up the claims process without the need to pay full-time employees.

Insurance outsourcing can help insurance companies cut down on costs while streamlining internal processes and providing exceptional customer service. Overall, insurance businesses can enhance their entire business process, allowing agents to focus on core tasks while reducing risks and challenges.

How to Simplify Claims Process: Improve Customer Service

Customers want more electronic communication and resources from their insurance agencies, which means that insurance companies need to reach policyholders through multiple channels to make communication convenient.

Through web portals, insurance companies can deliver claims communications and connect directly to repositories for necessary interactive documents. From there, agents can communicate to policyholders via the website or a smartphone or tablet. While web portals will be beneficial, insurance companies may want to invest in the use of SMS, mobile applications, and email channels to attract and acquire new policyholders.

When your policyholders submit a claim, they expect communication immediately. When they call you over the phone, they are talking directly with someone who can help them with the entire process. However, many customers no longer want to pick up the phone to make a claim. They are looking for more convenient ways to interact with their insurance companies just like they do other businesses.

By communicating with customers and reaching them through multiple sources, including websites, SMS, and applications, you can improve customer satisfaction by streamlining the claims process.

Not only that, but you can make an agent available at all times or during normal business hours to answer questions as soon as they arrive. Instead of a customer leaving a message and waiting for a callback, they can contact you via their customer portal to ensure effective and convenient communication.

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