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How to Create an Electronic Signature for Business?

People have had to sign documents for ages, and its use in the corporate world continues to increase. Thankfully, with electronic signatures coming into play, you no longer have to worry about the hassle of traveling all over to sign documents. eSigns have replaced handwritten signatures in many transactions and documentation.

Various platforms now allow you to sign a document even while far away from your desk. You only need to create an eSignature within a few clicks and get your business on the right path to success. Different electronic signature apps allow you to gain access to several tools that facilitate the creation of your eSignature. The following are ways for creating your eSign;

Draw the signature yourself

Most of these eSignatures are made for smartphones, iPads, and tablets. So, with a touchscreen developing your signature becomes relatively straightforward. You only need to use your finger or a stylus to sign directly into your document, just as you would on a piece of paper. If you are using a mobile device, this solution is quite helpful, and you can do it quickly to avoid time wastage.

Try out the old electronic signature option

You can write down your signature the traditional way of pen and paper only if you want to use it as an electronic signature, you will need to photograph it and use a photo editor tool to get a neat image that synchronizes with your document. If it is something official, you only need to insert the signature into the document then send it to the recipient. Remember, once you upload the photo to your device, it should be converted to a png file to blend perfectly with the signature line of whatever document in the picture.

Using the cursorTry out the old electronic signature option

Touchscreens provide us with endless possibilities, but if you do not want to use the signing on the screen feature or do not have a touchscreen device, you can opt to go with your mouse or touchpad. You will need to drag your cursor in any way that you want. Being in control of what you draw allows you to develop a unique electronic signature.

Go for the adobe electronic signature

Adobe sign allows you to sign documents quicker and more effectively. You can do it even using your mobile device. The following are some steps you should pay attention to;

  •         Click the review and sign link in the email.

After receiving an email that requires you to sign, you need to identify the link labeled “click here to review and sign,” then click it.

  •         Click the prompt in the received document.

Look for the “click here to sign” field in the document to sign. The box provides enough space to write down your signature comfortably.

  •         Signature creation.

Once you click the prompt, a pop-up window opens to allow you to design your eSignature exactly how you want it in the signature field. It is advisable you keep the sign as simple as possible but also make sure it is secure.

  •         Select signature option.

Remember, you get access to four different options that you can choose from, including typing your name, drawing your signature with a mouse, uploading a picture with your signature, or sign with a finger or stylus from your touchscreen. You must make sure your choice meets your needs and is convenient for you.

Electronic Signature for Business: Use keyboard

It is not every time that you have to develop a complex signature. Sometimes you can type it down using your keyboard, only that you may want to look for a font with the closest similarity to your traditional signature. While typing using the keyboard is a fast and effective method, it does not offer the security your business deserves. Anyone who has seen your signature can impersonate you and sign documents without your consent.

Creating an electronic signature should be a comfortable process and give you a modern solution for dealing with business paperwork much faster. However, remember to look for a verified and secure electronic signature provider. It always pays when you know you have a system in place that is not vulnerable to breakdown or other inconveniences. If you are ready to create your eSignature, keep in mind that you will need to remember it and use it for a significant duration.

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