Is There Such A Thing As Apartment Living Without Compromise?

Written By Alla Levin
March 21, 2021

Is There Such A Thing As Apartment Living Without Compromise?

According to a study published in Builder, around two in ten Americans live in an apartment right now, and many of them manage to do so in style. After all, apartments are more affordable, generally easier to manage, and often make sure that you’re in the heart of the most exciting cities.

In Alabama, Huntsville apartments can cost as low as $844 per month. It’s a great deal especially for busy people who are renting just to find a place to sleep and rest. 

Those are definitely benefits to write home about, but we understand that sometimes, the reality of apartment life doesn’t live up to the dream. However, the fact that many people manage to make apartments work for them is proof that it can be done. And, you could start enjoying those benefits too if you simply find a way through these common apartment life setbacks.

You don’t have outdoor space

A lack of outside space is one of the most common apartment gripes, but this doesn’t have to be a thorn in your side. Getting creative about how you bring the outside into your apartment space can actually stop a lack of garden from setting you back at all. Living walls are an extreme example of this, but, even if you don’t want to go quite that far, this trend highlights the very pressing fact that not owning a garden doesn’t mean you can’t still grow whatever you want.

Be it herbs on the balcony or houseplants to keep things fresh, you can still get stuck in with green fingers if that’s what you fancy.

You can’t alter outside appearances

Apartment blocks are communal, meaning that, in most instances, even additions like satellite dishes or solar panels are very much of the cards. But, this needn’t hold you back, either. For one thing, finding an apartment block that already has the exteriors you want ensures that you don’t need to do anything to get the finished look.

Equally, not being able to attach anything outside needn’t stop you from enjoying the lifestyle you want these days. Fancy cable TV? Seek satellite-less options! Want to enjoy the benefits of solar panels? Turn to community solar options that bring those benefits to your door regardless of your ability to install anything. Truly, there’s nothing that you can’t do if you know where to look. 

Your square footage is limited

Even if you have a luxury penthouse (as if,) the chances are that an apartment is going to offer less leg space than an entire house. This can come as a blow whether you live on your own or are trying to cram a whole family into space, but square footage needn’t be a problem either.

Think about it; this is the whole reason why cleaning an apartment is easier! Most importantly, less space means less clutter. Besides, there are some amazing space solutions now to ensure that you can achieve a sleek, airy feeling, even inside your small apartment space.

Whether apartment living was the dream or not, you can turn it into the destiny that you always imagined for yourself. You simply need to overcome these setbacks to make it possible.

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