5 Tips for Using Metal Adhesive

Written By Alla Levin
March 22, 2021

5 Tips for Using Metal Adhesive

When fixing your bike, making jewelry, or repairing a photo frame, metal glue can be very helpful when joining two metals, especially when welding or soldering is not an option. Metal glue is an excellent option when working on small spaces or delicate items. You can join metals using metal adhesives on your own without needing professional help.

Here are tips on using metal adhesives:

Select the right metal adhesive

When joining together metal objects, you might need to choose between different metal glues like epoxy and super glues. Epoxy glues create strong metal-to-metal bonds and long-lasting bonds between different types of metal.

Other adhesives like super glues are ideal for joining objects like jewelry and household items like a saucepan. Polyutherane glue is best in joining any metal. They are water-resistant and have UV-resistant qualities. They take less time to dry and do not become brittle.  Ensure you select a metal glue that dries within a short time and create a permanent bond.

Clean the metal surfaces

Before joining the metals, always remember to clean the surfaces to remove any dirt, grease, or residue on the metal.  The presence of any dirt or even fingerprints on the metal surfaces you want to join together will give you a difficult time forming a strong bond on them. Ensure you clean the surfaces thoroughly and provide them with enough time to dry.

Get a grip

Suppose you are looking for an easier way for the metal glue to form a strong bond and provide the metal surfaces with some texture to hold on to each other. You can easily make the metal pieces grip onto each other by rubbing the objects you want to join with sandpaper to make them gritty and have a rough texture.

Pay attention to instructions

Each metal adhesive will come with little different instructions from other glues on how to use them, specifically on the duration you need to let them dry. Most strong glues might require you to combine them with another glue before use. Therefore, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions on using the glue keenly to get the best results. With a good metal adhesive you can fix anything on your own; you only need to be keen.

Apply some pressure

When joining two metal pieces, you cannot just let the glue dry like you would with paper pieces. You need to apply pressure to ensure the metals form the strongest bond possible. You can use a vice or clamp to grip the items together with a string pressure to force the glue to join the metal surfaces.  Leave the clamp for a long time before removing it to give the metal adhesive adequate time to dry.

Using Metal Adhesive: Bottom line

When your metal breaks, you do not always need to look for professional help to repair them using metal glue. Ensure you select the right metal glue that dries fast to bond your metal surfaces. Also, choose a metal glue that creates a permanent bond. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using the metal adhesive.

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