Top 4 Study Apps To Support Your High School Aged Kids

Written By Alla Levin
March 29, 2021

Top 4 Study Apps To Support Your High School Aged Kids

Parents want to help their kids succeed in all walks of life, from their social life to their studies. As your teen prepares to go to high school, they can benefit from improving their study skills. To help you support them, try checking out these four useful resources.


StudyBlue is a fantastic app for high school kids; with this app’s help, your teens can make their own digital flashcards to support their revision. Using the app, students can customize revision materials using audio, text, or images. Students can track their progress and set reminders to study. Other cool features of Studyblue include:

  • Access all materials using both desktop and mobile devices;
  • Edit and copy flashcards, and get recommendations to match your study regime;
  • Share flashcards with teachers or other students. Search for study materials uploaded by different teachers and students all over the world.

Simple MindSimple Mind

Simple Mind is an app for mind mapping, an excellent study method for highschool students. With this digital mind mapping tool, students can organize their thoughts, create new ideas, and remember important info. The Simple Mind app is easy to use, and there’s now a new and improved version based on recent customer feedback. A few of the best features include:

  • Position topics anywhere on the page you like;
  • Choose from different auto layouts for brainstorming;
  • Rotate and restructure the page with ease;
  • Can create several mind maps using one page.

MyHomework Student PlannerStudent Planner

MyHomework Student Planner is a great app to help high school kids organize their homework. It has a simple interface and is free to use. With the app’s help, students can monitor their assignments, tests, classes, and homework. There’s an attractive calendar display, where students can make notes of key dates. Using the app, your teen can use various formats to create a schedule, whether that’s period-based or a block schedule. Other features of the app include:

  • Set homework reminders;
  • Sign on with Facebook;
  • Connect with teachers to download announcements, files, and info.

Study Apps: Khan AcademyStudy Apps

Khan Academy is an educational app where students can study science, maths, literature, and more. The app can help students build on their skills at school and prepare for their exams. Whether your teen needs help with algebra or chemistry, the Khan Academy application has got you covered. Students can access features including:

  • Prepare your unit tests and exams with the help of quizzes;
  • Get recommendations on areas to focus on, including suggested exercises;
  • Choose to go at your own pace or focus on your current school topics;
  • Use bookmarks to save favorite content;
  • Download content for offline learning.

To help your child prepare for high school, it’s well worth downloading these four apps. Going to high school for the first time can be a little daunting, so it’s best to help your teen as best as you can. When you decide on a high school for your child, remember to conduct plenty of online research. The School Review site has plenty of info on various schools, including excellent institutions such as the Winnetonka High School.

Raising your child comes with so many different considerations, and not all kids enjoy school right away. With a few extra support tools, you can help them to develop their skills with these study apps.

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