What Does a Locksmith Do
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What Does a Locksmith in Surrey Do?

The profession of being a locksmith has existed since ancient times because security has been around for centuries. The first bolts were rudimentary, and they were made of wood in Ancient Egypt. As long as safety is necessary, the locksmiths working with the security systems constantly improve their repair services and craft and abilities to serve their customers better. Know more about services when you click here.

Nowadays, these professionals are widely known in emergencies, like a person getting locked out of his car. Others hire them for the safety of their buildings or rekeying of their safes. They have various jobs and services to offer, and they can upgrade the security inside your home in no time.

Any lock and key situation in your home in Surrey is something that they can take care of. Some have workshops in Surrey where you can go for duplicates and other issues, while others can provide you with mobile assistance where they travel by vans and all their equipment is fitted into the vehicle.

Many are kept on a retainer basis by banks, hospitals, government offices, and hotels to keep their operations safe. Now that you have a general idea of what Access Albion Locksmiths do, it’s time to know more about their services and responsibilities.

What Do Locksmiths in Surrey Do?

The quick answer for this is that these professionals handle rekeying, installing peepholes, installing a new set of bolts, cutting, programming, and many more. A professional locksmith in Surrey BC can replace, install, repair, and change the security of residential and commercial properties. Some do audit checks for possible weaknesses to prevent burglars from coming in. Other services are the following:

Cutting Keys

Many of these experts in Surrey cut all types of keys for various locks. They can do a rekeying in many safes, cabinets, shops, doors, windows, and cars. They can also perform programming, especially in areas where advanced equipment is needed to maintain a secure environment is necessary.

Get Help with LockoutsWhat Does a Locksmith in Surrey Do

Lockout services are more critical than ever as many owners wanted to get inside their homes or cars after work. The experts will use picks and other tools for manipulation and ensuring that the locks will open. These services may include unlocking business establishments, padlocks, safes, and cars.

Access Control

There are specialized access control experts that can handle tighter security in commercial establishments like banks and government buildings. This access control involves installing high-end secure systems, the need for key cards, electronic strikes, and others.

Rekeying Services

They are rekeying services and making a padlock work with a different key. Learn more about this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rekeying.  This is applicable if the bolts are still in good condition, and this is a better alternative than changing the sets completely. The pros can perform master keying services for apartments, residential homes, businesses, and many others, and they can be opened by various levels of access.


Repairs are an option for many people, and this takes a highly skilled expert. The locksmith will take the locks apart to fix the internal parts. They can be used on new parts so that the bolts will be restored to their original conditions.


This is for homeowners who have just acquired a new home. They need to install a new security system since other people may still have access to the property, especially if it was let in the past. The installations involve adding more locks, and they are usually quick and affordable. Installations are typical, especially if there were known cases of burglar break-ins in the neighborhood.

What Does a Locksmith Do: Extractions of Broken Keys

These experts are relied upon to remove debris inside the locks, especially after they have been broken. They can remove the pieces and cut newer keys for replacement options. More often, there’s the possibility of the security getting jammed because of many factors, and it’s common for toddlers to experiment with keyholes. Others may decide to try to push gum or sticks inside the keyhole, and a locksmith in Surrey can help in these situations.

You can contact your local professional company for other services like boarding windows, opening the doors, emergencies. And replacement of standalone electronic locks. They can help you any time, and they can go to the area where you are to help you out. They are credible and willing to provide references for your peace of mind.

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