Induction Heating – New Technology in the Vaporizer Market

Written By Alla Levin
April 12, 2021
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Induction Heating – New Technology in the Vaporizer Market

Technological advancements continue to make a way in various industries. Such is true for the vaporizer industry as well. Manufacturers continue to look for new ways of consuming herbs and liquids. The first vaporizers used a conduction heating system, which heated the herbs directly placed on the heating component.

This provided quick vaporization and was considered awesome as desktop vaporizers started being used by people. Even though these devices are on even today, it is clear that this heating method is inefficient and uneconomical. This is why a new heating method came which used convection. Herbs and liquid were heated by hot air instead that retained a lot of flavor and effects.

Due to this, devices that use convection are preferred over conduction vaporizers. So if you are looking for good technology with a great built look at furna vaporizer here, apart from that, as long as humans continue to research, new ways are bound to be created. So in this article, we will discuss the newest and better heating method known as induction.

What is induction?

Induction is a heating process where an electrical conductor becomes charged and heated by the heat produced in the conductor by the currents running through it. So when it comes to induction vaporizers, instead of heat coming from an external source, the heat is produced inside, so there’s no touching of materials with the heating source.

Induction vaporizerInduction vaporizer

Induction vaporizers are a new thing. With only two induction vaporizers in the market, it is only a matter of time when this technology will become widely used in vaporizers.

Dr. Dabber Switch is a new and unique vaporizer. It is a desktop device that can be used to vape dry herbs as well as concentrates. Another induction vaporizer that is amazing and smaller than Dr. Dabber SWITCH is the DynaVap vaporizer. It uses the same technology as Dr. Dabber SWITCH. So what are their amazing features?

Induction heating

The device contains an induction coil that heats an induction cup through the magnetic field. The materials are placed in this induction cup. The use of induction cups eliminates the requirement of atomizers, thus saving cost. The heating area is separated from the electrical area, so your device will not wear out with time.

Rapid heat uptime

It uses an induction heating system that heats the materials within 10 seconds less than any other device. This rapid heating of these vaporizers is unrivaled by other vaporizers in the market.

The consistent temperature through the session

Moreover, the cups maintain an even temperature for your entire session so you can enjoy smooth and flavorful vapors all the way.

Efficient design

The device is designed so that it creates a vacuum inside the unit, preventing oxidation and combustion, meaning that your herbs will not burn even at high temperatures. Due to this mechanism, all the flavorful, aromatic compounds can be extracted while harmful substances stay behind. Moreover, with a bubbler installed, you can get pure and clean vapors at every drag.


Dr. Dabbler Switch provides a large battery that requires 1 hour for a full charge. And even during that tie, you can use this device easily. But this also is a drawback of an induction vaporizer. If this can be improved, then induction is best.

Induction Heating: Conclusion

By just looking at the features that these two vaporizers provide, there’s the potential for induction heating in vaporizers. The heat-up speed, efficient extraction of flavors, consistent temperature throughout the session, and safe technology provide an excellent experience for people who use it. So now, what remains is to see when this technology can be introduced in portable devices at affordable costs.

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