Five Reasons Why Parametric and Computational Design Is Changing Architecture

Written By Alla Levin
April 13, 2021

Reasons Why Parametric and Computational Design Is Changing Architecture

Parametric design architecture is an inspiration that one draws from their own creative ability. It is weird, cool, has a geometric edge that aligns well with the parameter’s understanding. In simple words, it is a combination of complex shapes and curved geometric figures using digital and computational design technology.

Gone are the days when architecture was limited to standard designs and mundane facades. Today, a building is designed so that it first embeds the immortal soul of virtual architecture. Here is a list of reasons how parametric architecture is changing the dynamics for architectures across the globe: 

Contribution of AI

With Artificial Intelligence, parametric design leverages the architecture of the future. It has the power of building structures virtually to understand its basic foundation in advance keeping buildings warm during winters and keeping buildings cold during hot summers. With traditional mediums, this was only possible once the structures were completed. However, with AI software design depiction, knowing the structure through and through virtually is possible. It does save efforts, time, and money for architects. 

Removes Rigidity in Designing

As most parametric tools are AI-based, one can quickly develop unique, fresh, classy, and weird designs in their own way. There are infinite design possibilities when parametric architecture is involved. Designing the traditional way would consume months and years.

But, with this technology, you save time, money, and energy. By knowing the vital area, architects can introduce new designs to the world that were not known before. Indeed, it opens up the gate to new creative edges. This is something a design build church architect will found quite powerful when coming up with fresh ideas and making them a reality.

The Art of Sharing Becomes Effortless

Parametric design tools are mostly cloud-based which gives the leverage of sharing these with anyone in no time. Along with simple exchange, incorporating the new designing teams can happen with the least effort; this makes the work simpler with quick results. Also, it enhances collaboration between various teams – programming, operations, and construction. 

Revolution of 3D Models

The archaic way of architecture involved pens, pages, and colors. However, with the evolution of time, things changed in the architectural dimension as well. Today, 3D models deliver us virtual insights into constructing a building. From every angle, you can view the structure even before it is made. 

Limitless Design Ideas

By inputting parameters in the designing tools, one can generate a plethora of design ideas. You will be in awe to find the number of design solutions you can have for one space – tiny and gigantic. With parametric design artistry, no corner of the structure is left untouched. There are numerous Parametric Design Architecture Firms in India that uncover the architectural realm’s unknown designing dynamic. 

The Bonus Pointers: It is more than just-styleparametric design

Parametric is a new style of architecture. The usage of parametric tools and methodology are adding innovation to buildings and structures of the modern world. Unlike the technique in other dimensions, these evolve with time but do not go out of style. Remember, there is a thin line difference between computerization and computation regarding Parametric design architecture. It is a walk between virtual 3D models and algorithmic and geometric processes. 

The Biomimetic Designs 

Biomimicry is an architectural practice that involves nature and its strategies. Here, architects take inspiration from nature and construct structures that depict nature’s essence in an unusual yet unique way, such as bird-safe glass.  


The imprints of AI technology are everywhere, and it is also revolutionizing the field of architecture. With the introduction of parametric designs, architects can explore the technology of the future. By examining the current tools, architects can achieve design mastery through innovative and creative mediums. It is on you how well you understand the importance of parameter and design. 

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