Getting Your Garden Ready for the Summer

Written By Alla Levin
April 19, 2021
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Getting Garden Ready for the Summer

The moment is almost here and the best one in the British calendar. We are talking about summer! Finally, the UK will be able to enjoy daylight hours, as well as more sunshine. This means that it is time to get your garden ready for barbeques and spend time outdoors with friends and family.

Over the winter, your garden can suffer. The snow, wind, and rain can cause havoc, and spring is the best time to make these repairs. This can include everything from reseeding the lawn to repairing the patio. Here are our tips to get your garden ready for the glorious summer this year.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

One part of the garden that suffers throughout the winter is the fencing. You may notice that the color is fading if you already had it painted, or there might be green patches appearing on the wood. This is normal and a result of British weather. An easy way to give your garden a quick and easy upgrade is grab a paintbrush and put on a fresh coat of paint. You can buy these on a budget from your local DIY store. This can be a fun afternoon with the family, and it will instantly make your garden look fresh again.

Add an Awningpurchase an awning from Smart Blinds

Spending time in the sun is great. But, sometimes, you want some shade to cool down. In other words, you can add an awning for the summertime. This will give you some protection from the sun, allowing you to cool down and enjoy the good weather. It can provide a good spot for al fresco dining too. Even when it is raining, it means that you can spend time outdoors. For example, you can purchase an awning from Smart Blinds. This can be a motorized awning that you can activate when you want to use it and add lighting and heating if you want to. What’s more, it is going to look great in your garden!

Getting Garden Ready: Reseed the Lawn

Naturally, the lawn suffers through the winter as it has to deal with rain and snow. In particular, this is true if you have clay soil, pets, or a slope on the lawn. But, the good news is that spring is the perfect time to start reseeding and patching your grass. You can purchase some grass seeds and spread them over the bare spots on your lawn. Make sure you water them every day, and you can watch the grass sprout up within two to three weeks with some sunshine.

By the time it gets to summer, you will have a fantastic lawn that you can be proud of. Do not forget to add some lawn feed during the spring, too, to be green and healthy. This provides your grass with all of the nutrients it needs to grow.

Add Some Solar LightsAdd Some Solar Lights

With better weather and longer daylight hours, there is no better time to add some new solar lights to your garden. This is not only going to make your home look good, but it can also offer you some light for evening meals and nights in your garden. Just as the name suggests, they will charge with the sun, and you do not have to use a power outlet. They are affordable to buy and available in a variety of designs. For example, you can get solar lights on stakes for the lawn and designs that attach to the fence. Just make sure they are somewhere that is going to enjoy the sun.

Improve Colours with Plant Pots

Everyone likes to have a bright and colorful garden during the spring and summer months. A good way to do this on a budget is with colorful plant pots. You can purchase them cheaply and put them around your garden. You can report some of your plants, and this can really transform a patio space. Just a little color can improve your mood and make it look like you have made an effort with your garden.

Paint Your Slabs

Are your patio slabs starting to look old and discolored? You do not have to dig up your whole garden to sort out this problem. All you are going to need is a power washer and some exterior paint. First of all, use the power washer to clean the slabs. This will lift away any dirt and debris that is stuck to the slabs over the winter. Then, once the slabs are dry, you can start painting them. Of course, you have the choice to choose whatever color you like.

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