Top React Native Use Cases

Written By Alla Levin
April 19, 2021
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Top React Native Use Cases

React Native is a platform designed uniquely to help create react native for Android and Apple users. The JavaScript framework operates based on a Facebook library called React. It has a Facebook JavaScript library which empowers it to serve as native mobile app development.

In today’s market, you need React Native to meet your daily business needs. Developers that use React native use to create apps do under two frameworks. These are:

  1. To create applications that provide a better experience for their customers;
  2. To design applications that can be easily used on several platforms and gadgets.

Rather than having to worry about one platform, a react native app reuses its code and aids to design applications for various platforms. Do you want to know more about the advantages React Native use can offer to your business table? Contact a trusted development company like the Webspace Team (

Here is the top React Native use cases for various respectable companies.

Facebook, and Facebook Ads

Facebook in a bid to achieve the numerous gains of web development from React Native. Facebook Ads appear to be the first Native app that was designed for android users. It brings various benefits like time zones, ad formats, currency conventions, different currencies, date formats, and others that have been designed in JavaScript.

It has an amazing interface that is clean with simple navigation and intuitive UX. Its transitions and animations are natural and experience no bug at all.

InstagramReact Native Use Cases

Like Facebook, Instagram took the cue and integrated React Native Use Cases into their system. Their effort started with the Push Notification View. The UI was basic and helpful for both Android and Apple apps.


For Bloomberg, the designer of the firm’s app applied the React Native application technology to develop a cross-platform technology. Based on this new upgrade, the mobile application of Bloomberg improved. Consumers using both Android and Apple devices could now enjoy interactive moments that allow personalized content, live feeds, and videos in all of Bloomberg’s media.

With React Native, any new code automatically refreshes such that new features and plugins can become active. Rather than your app recompiling, it instantly reloads itself.


Wix has been existing since 2006. It is an online company known for web design and web hosting services. With Wix, developers can design their applications and require zero codings to have a personal website.

Their employment of Wix replaced the low productivity, inefficiency, and delayed time of deployment with agility and speed. This makes it easier for developers that use their services.

SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud Pulse helps developers manage their accounts. With their experience in React Native, it was easier for developers to have their applications without needing the service of a knowledgeable developer.


Walmart is a techy platform and always looking for ways to display its technological prowess. It began with their introduction of Node.js to stack. After a while, they changed their mobile application and changes to React Native.

Walmart is one of the leading online retailers in the world and they want to expand their goals by improving their customer’s experience. This new introduction improves their app performance and adds lovely animations to it too.


Gyroscope is a health app that improves your health life. It can track your footsteps, monitor your workout rate and heart rate. Also, it uses AI to track sleep, know hours of activities on the gadget, and imply some sleep if necessary. With react native, it is easier to compute data and aggregate them into periodical statements. As a result, you can know which area you should focus on to improve your health.

Top React Native Use Cases: Conclusion

At the Webspace Team, we understand the importance of react native and how it can be for the betterment of your start-up. Due to our years of experience, we can monitor your business and suggest how you can inculcate React Native features into it.

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