How To Convert Foot Traffic In Your Business

Written By Alla Levin
April 20, 2021
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How To Convert Foot Traffic In Your Business

When we talk about traffic and conversions, we tend to think about it from an online perspective. Everyone’s eager to boost web traffic to their sites, with conversions relating to how many users you turn into customers. 

However, plenty of you may own businesses that depend on foot traffic. As such, you need people to walk into your premises and make purchases. Here, you have a significantly different task in converting your foot traffic into paying customers. The idea is still the same as it is online, but the tactics you choose are not. If you need helping to improve your in-store conversion rates, here’s what you should do:

Make your business presentable

The very first thing to do is make your business look as nice and presentable as possible. If people walk into your store or restaurant, and it looks horrible and messy, they’ll turn around right away. Begin with basic hygiene and clean everything. Use commercial cleaning services if you must; just ensure that everything is clean and there’s no dirt anywhere. Then, work on organizing everything to make your business look neat and professional. Instantly, you give off a better first impression, which will keep people on-site for longer. That’s the key when converting foot traffic – you want them to stay for as long as possible. 

Convert foot traffic in business: present special offers at strategic places

As soon as someone enters your business premises, they should be confronted by an encouraging offer. This could be a discount on particular items, a special thing on the menu in a restaurant – whatever! The important thing is that it catches their attention right away, luring them in. 

Furthermore, it would help if you had offers closer to where people go to pay. In a shop, this will be near the checkouts. As people get closer to the checkout, they’ll see the offer and be tempted by it. The proximity to the paying point means their brain associates this with a quick purchase. ‘Oh, I can buy this easily because the checkout is right there!’ Thus, you make a conversion!

Provide excellent customer service

In any business that relies on foot traffic, good customer service will lead to sales. In a restaurant/cafe, this relates to servers constantly being at the beck and calling customers. If your employees are helpful and make life more enjoyable for the people inside, you are more likely to convert. In stores and shops, it relates to your workers going around and pointing people in the right direction.

Or asking shoppers if they need help with anything. Sometimes, people can debate buying something or not, only to decide to leave. But, if a worker asks if they need assistance, then provides more information on the product, it can lead to a sale. Conversely, bad customer service will have people flooding out of your business like a leaky pipe. 

Converting foot traffic can be both easy and hard, depending on the industry. In hospitality, you pretty much convert all the traffic you get. Here, it’s more about generating foot traffic in the first place. But, in retail, you will often get people that come into a store and leave without buying a single thing. This is where you need the right tactics to get them to make a purchase!

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