6 Tips to Help You Decorate a Small Bedroom

Written By Alla Levin
April 20, 2021
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6 Tips to Help You Decorate a Small Bedroom

At first glance, decorating a small space can certainly seem challenging. Where are you going to put your belongings, and how can you make it appear bigger than it actually is? While it does look complex, it is possible to create a well-designed space. It just requires a little bit of effort, a sharp set of eyes, and some TLC. Want to learn more?

  Below, we are going to discuss eight tips to help you decorate a small bedroom. Let’s get started!


Keep the walls, floor, and ceiling the same

If you feel like the four walls around your room are closing in on you, one of the best solutions to open up the area is to paint (or keep) everything in the same color scheme. White is the best option as it will eliminate harsh lines giving off a seamless effect. It will also bring in light, allowing for an airy and peaceful atmosphere.

Add height

Giving the illusion of height is one of the first ways to make your room appear bigger than it actually is. You can do this by adding long curtains, artwork, and other tall pieces of furniture such as a bookcase, ladder, or lamp. Just make sure you don’t overdo it! Adding in too many items may clutter the space, shrinking its appearance.

Remove clutter

Speaking of clutter, you want to keep your room as tidy as possible by removing unnecessary items and finding unique storage solutions. Everything should have its place, and you should regularly clean to keep the room bright and fresh. By doing this, you can make effective use of every space and live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Purchase functional furniture

Since your room lacks space, when choosing furniture items, try and find ones that can be used for multiple purposes. For instance, a blanket box that can also double as seating or a mirror with storage behind it. This will help you save space while still looking stylish. Just make sure you can get everything into your apartment first! You might want to order something like this memory foam mattress in a box to make setup easy and quick.

Layer carefully

Layering is a great way to make a space extra cozy, as it adds both depth and texture to a room. However, with a space that is small, you have to be careful. Adding too many blankets, pillows and rugs can quickly make the area overwhelming, and it can take up room that you don’t have. Add a few of your favorite pieces and divide up the others around your home. It really will make a big difference.

Make use of wall space

Walls are often forgotten about, but they have so much potential. Instead of leaving them bare, use them to create more storage. A pegboard above your desk can hold all of your stationery, and some cube shelves are perfect for books and another décor. Don’t forget you can even use the back of your door! All you need are some over-the-door clothing hooks or a shoe hanger.

Add color 

Colour brightens up space, making it appear bigger. By choosing colored décor and accent pieces, you can complement your bedroom, so it doesn’t seem so dull. Blues, yellows, greens, and oranges are all great choices to choose from and may even help you get some extra sleep at night. It is possible to pick something darker, but you should make sure that you have enough natural light coming in when you need it.

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