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Top 5 Video Maker Tools For Seasonal Video Content

Are you about to create some seasonal content for marketing your summer products or deals? Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect video maker, what does that mean for your specific content marketing?

Are you trying to highlight a specific holiday or event along with how your product or service can be useful? There are many ways to do this with a video maker, which we’ll describe with the top 5 tools shown below. You can first check out Promo because of its extensive library of business templates to choose from. This will give you an idea of how to get started. 

How to Make the Best Seasonal Content

  • Make it unique
  • The right timing
  • Special offers

As the phrase suggests, seasonal content refers to one-off marketing for events or special offers that happen once or a few times a year. They can be linked to the actual seasons or to, for example, sports seasons. That really depends on your brand and what you’re selling. Whatever it is, though, the trick is to make your online video as unique as possible. Clearly, though, you’ll need to honor what you stand for such that your brand is still recognizable. 

Shooting videos is not enough. In fact, you should not be under the impression that this is the hardest bit. Some of the best movie directors of all time have gone on record saying that the real work happens in post-production. According to experts, fixthephoto video production services can help you give life to your online shots and expressive storytelling narrative.

Naturally, timing is important when it comes to seasonal content. It’s not just about timing for whatever season you’re targeting but, it’s also about being ahead of your competitors. The chances are that your competitors are also planning a seasonal campaign.

In fact, this is also why an online video maker is so useful. It will help you design and create online videos that are eye-catching, emotive, and memorable. This is actually the perfect combination for your special offers or other call-to-action that you’re promoting. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that you leverage social media and all its potential for your final online video. 

The Top 5 Video Maker Tools

Before you get started with social media, let’s review the top 5 video maker tools that all offer something slightly different:

This award-winning video maker is great for seasonal content because it has many templates and animations to choose from. Infographics can be a fun way to engage with your target audience in a novel way for that special season. You need to download your video template to drag and drop any content you might have.

Then, you’ll need to add some powerful music that triggers people’s emotions. This is an effective way to enable people to better relate to your brand. This online video maker also has an extensive audio library to choose from. Another way stands out is due to their exceptional customer service team who support you throughout the journey.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This advanced video maker is often used by professionals, including editing mainstream movies out on release. Having said that, it can also be used by beginners because their basic options are pretty accessible. The versatility of this online video maker, though, is what makes it great for seasonal content. You can easily play around with timing, colors, animations, and other awesome effects.


This Artificial Intelligence video maker allows you to transform your photos and music into video clips. You can also create particular characters for your unique seasonal story. They don’t offer so many templates, though. Therefore, this online video maker is more about giving your own content a special twist.


ClipChamp is an intuitive video editor that’s easy to use. By playing around with the different settings, you can really create some funky online videos. These include, for example, brightness, contrast, trimming, or even rotating and flipping. That way, you’ll be able to make your seasonal promotions stand out.


CyberLink is excellent if you want a more premium video editor but at a reasonable price. Many features will keep beginners and pros equally happy. Some platforms limit the formats you can download but not this video maker because anything is available.

They’ve also recently partnered with Shutterstock for users to access their extensive library of photos. Again, this allows you to make online videos that are both creative and unique. You can therefore make your seasonal content to be as noticeable as possible.

Final Thoughts on using an Online Video Maker for Seasonal Content

There are many video editor tools out there, so it’s useful to know what you want to create before you start researching. For example, are you more interested in colors and animations? Alternatively, do you prefer to have a wide choice of templates and music tracks? Moreover, do you have lots of your own content you want to add to your video template?

Answering those questions will give you an idea of what attributes to look out for when researching your perfect video maker. Having said that, the list above is a good place to start. You can’t go too wrong because they all guarantee a quality output with unlimited videos once you subscribe.

So, play around and jump in without thinking it too much. Either way, you’re bound to have something you can easily download into social media and other marketing platforms. You’ll be ready to launch your exciting seasonal campaign before you know it.

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