Which One’s Better? Netchex or Gusto

Written By Alla Levin
April 20, 2021
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Which One’s Better? Netchex or Gusto

Technological advancements have made their way into making the lives of Human Resources managers so much easier. The task that they used to dread at the end of every month – assigning salaries to the company’s employees – is now capable of being automated by the payroll software programs. The days of individual assignment of salaries and maintaining each employee’s individual profile on paper are gone. By using these tools’ exceptionally well-managed systems, companies can now focus on more important work rather than being stuck doing monotonous tasks.

The top-quality payroll software solutions offer a high degree of freedom and customizability to their users to speed up their tasks and optimize the whole process of the payments. But this also means that you can get easily overwhelmed by tons of options available for you to choose from for your business. How do you make this important decision?

For small-scale businesses especially, the choice of payroll software for their accountants can mean a lot. Thus, in this guide, we will compare the best payroll software companies – Netchex and Gusto – for the target market so that you can make a choice more easily.

Gusto – Advantages Offered

Gusto is a payroll software program that is designed for small-sized businesses. It is cloud-based. It checks on all the functionalities that would be demanding of payroll software. The company offers an ‘easy to hire and fire’ approach to its customers with a great user interface. Moreover, the reports feature. Gusto is highly customizable so that the users can create their reports specifically tailored to their desires. Gusto also has a mobile platform, offering portability to its users.

Gusto – Things to Avoid

Gusto’s biggest drawback, perhaps, is its feature-based pricing system. While no doubt the services that this company offers are great, by the time you are done selecting all of the services you require, the price can hike up to $45 per month. Even the starting price is very high at $25 compared to Netchex.

Another con to Gusto is the fact that it provides a severe lack of organizational abilities. While the reports are well structured, they cannot be well-organized according to their users. Moreover, the users have also complained about the customer service of Gusto for it not being up to the standards.

Netchex – Advantages Offered

Netchex is one of the top payroll software of 2021. It is being used in many small, medium, and even large-scale businesses due to its amazing adaptability as payroll software. Its uniquely designed dashboard system keeps the HR managers connected to their company’s employees in real-time.

Netchex is very economical as compared to Gusto. It starts at only $12 per month. This makes Netchex stand out among all the payroll software companies.

Another top-class feature of Netchex is its amazing customer support service. The staff members are well-known to have gone above and beyond while solving the users’ queries and helping them design their reports. They are knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and friendly. The customers have repeatedly reported the satisfaction they received from talking to Netchex’s support staff.

Netchex – Things to Avoid

The login process of Netchex needs to be revamped. Its security can be bypassed, which means that people outside of its users can access it. It also does not have a mobile application, ruling out any mobility for its usability.

Comparison – Final Verdict

As evident from the comparison, Netchex is the ultimate winner in this comparison with Gusto. The high price of Gusto fails to translate well into the user experience. On the other hand, Netchex provides excellent value for its money. This price difference is important for small business payroll software.

The customer support service of Netchex makes it stand out among all the top payroll software companies. When combined with the sheer large amount of customizations offered by the product, the amazing services make it one of the best payroll software of 2021. Hence, Netchex receives our stamp of approval and should be your choice as the payroll software for your company.

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