What’s Bigging Up That Bounce Rate?

Written By Alla Levin
April 28, 2021

What’s Bigging Up That Bounce Rate?

When running a website, it’s important to track the stats that indicate just how effective it is at bringing the customers into the business. Clicks are good, clicks that lead to more clicks are even better, but you have to keep an eye on the signs that something is going wrong, like the bounce rate, as well. Here, we’re going to look at what the bounce rate is and what exactly might be causing yours to be so high.

What’s a bounce rate, anyway?

There is plenty of internet marketing terminology to digest, so don’t worry if you’re not immediately familiar with all the ins and outs of talking about web traffic. The bounce rate is a percentage of your website’s visitors who click on the site from an external link or type in the URL and then leave the site instead of then click other pages on the website. It’s the people who have bounced off your site and a good indicator that something isn’t giving the impression they want.

Your website isn’t workingweb marketing companies

The most likely explanation is that the website itself doesn’t give the impression you need it. This is often in terms of the design (perhaps it looks a little dated or a little too loud), how your content is ordered (maybe it’s too cluttered or too difficult to follow), or how to get around (maybe the navigation is too complex). Working with web marketing companies, you can take a closer look at the site, find what works, and don’t. It might be you only need to optimize it a little, such as be making navigation simpler or by getting rid of some extra content, or you might need a bigger redesign.

Your content isn’t grabbing them

One of the biggest driving factors in marketing, be it through search engines, social media, or otherwise good content. So naturally, most businesses will have the majority of this content on their blog. However, if you’re not taking the time to make your blog better by writing more engaging content, using high-quality images, and ensuring that every post has specific value to the reader, it should be no surprise you have people leaving after straining to get the answer they wanted in the first place.

They feel like they clicked on the wrong page

It would help if you ensured that any ads or meta-descriptions leading to your website are accurate as to what the page provides. You should also make sure that they’re specific. For example, if a visitor clicks a link that sounds like it’s going to be about a specific product but takes them to a page for the overall product category, you’re placing a barrier between them and the information that they want. If you don’t have pages with the specificity you need, then look at the option of creating landing pages.

If you have a high bounce rate, then it’s likely immediate and easy for a professional to see on your site. So get in touch with that profession to quickly untangle that knot.

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