Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home Ready For Guests When Lockdown Is Over

Written By Alla Levin
May 07, 2021
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Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home Ready For Guests When Lockdown Is Over

Now the vaccine is rolling out in many countries worldwide, restrictions are beginning to ease, and people can finally begin making plans to see each other again. While there’s still a long way to go before things are completely “normal,” we will soon enough be able to spend time around the people that we love, and that includes entertaining guests at your home. 

Many people spent the entirety of lockdown, using their time to make renovations to their home. Still, if you were one of the handfuls of people that managed to work throughout lockdown, your home might have been a little neglected, so we’re going to give you some tips on easy ways to spruce up your home ready for when you have guests over again.

Give your home a deep clean

Often DIY is more than just knowing how to use a screwdriver and a paintbrush, and a good deep clean will completely transform the atmosphere in your home! So why not get some inspiration by purchasing a new cleaning product, such as a new vacuum or a super-absorbent cloth, as advertised by Vince Offer, and see how much better your home will look? Even the cleanest of people are shocked by how much dust, dirt, and grime accumulates over time in areas that aren’t cleaned regularly!

Tidy up your garden

If you have a garden, why not spend some time outside in the fresh air getting your garden ready for the summertime? Clean your decking with a power jet to clear the winter layer of dirt, rake up leaves, remove weeds, and tidy up before spending quality time in the garden with your guests.

Maybe you could give your garden furniture a new lease on life with some of your leftover paint? Whatever task you choose in the garden, will immediately make things appear and feel more organized, as well as allow you to cross a few chores off your to-do list!

Declutter your home

We’re all guilty of holding onto belongings longer than needed “just in case” you need them at a later date. A great way to decide whether or not to throw something away is by asking yourself if you’ve used it in the last six months or plan to use it in the next six months. If the answer is no, consider donating your belongings or putting them away in storage. Decluttering your home will allow you to dust shelves that haven’t been touched in a long time and, overall, make your home appear brighter and cleaner.

Give your home a lick of paint

Finally, if your home is looking a little old and worn, giving your walls, door frames, and skirting boards a fresh lick of paint will make a world of difference. If you’re feeling very DIY handy, consider giving furniture like coffee tables and wooden chairs a lick of paint to give them a new lease of life and add more character and style to your home.

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