Best Tools to Make You More Productive

Written By Alla Levin
May 21, 2021

Tools To Be Productive: Best Tools to Make You More Productive

Being productive means being able to efficiently complete as many important tasks as possible on time. Who doesn’t want to have such a superpower? Everybody does. But in reality, there is no way to cope with all the things you have to do without a systematic approach. Therefore, the to-do list should be compiled sequentially, taking into account the priority and volume of tasks.

If you manage to create it really well, it serves as a rigid framework for your productive activities during the day, week, or month, preventing you from being sprayed on secondary matters and procrastinating. Certain methods and tools will help to structure all tasks and consistently decompose them in time-space clearly.


The interface of this tool is filled with all the standard functions for adding, editing, and sorting tasks. Small tasks in the main list can be supplemented with subtasks, and large ones can be turned into separate projects: structured task lists. In addition, Todoist offers a variety of ready-made project templates to download, where everything is already thought out for you, tasks are structured and sorted into shelves. All you have to do is make some personal editing to the template, add the necessary steps and proceed to implementation. You also have the ability to create your own template to reduce the amount of work in the future.

Tools To Be Productive: SlackSlack

Slack is a kind of work messenger dedicated to specific work tasks. Within the program, you can create channels for individual tasks. All functionality is aimed specifically at the workflow. For convenience, Slack supports integration with over 100 services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter, etc. Slack is free to use, but with certain restrictions on the number of users, integrations, etc.


Asana offers an interesting solution for business – the rejection of corporate mail. The application has its own inbox, which allows you to reduce or completely refuse the use of third-party mail, so you do not need to worry about the issues connected with email verification. Thus, all the necessary communications with your team can be carried out within one application. As in Slack, there is the possibility of integration with other services. This allows you to create your own workspaces, within which you are already monitoring the implementation of various projects – using tasks, comments, and more.


With ProofHub, you don’t have to buy tons of project management, task collaboration, and deadline tracking tools. Instead, it implements all these functions, and at the same time, the program is easy to use, the time spent on tasks is straightforward to track. In other words, instead of Toggl for time tracking, Slack, and Dropbox for exchanging messages and files, employees only need to install ProofHub, which combines all these capabilities.


There are tons of different messengers nowadays. You probably have to use a few of them because not all your friends and colleagues use the same one. But if we talk about productivity, it is important to mention instant voice messenger for remote teams. This tool helps you be in touch and stay focused at the same time. You catch important messages and respond to them if necessary using built-in recognition of speech.

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