How To Get Your Business Noticed On Social Media

Written By Alla Levin
May 28, 2021

How To Get Your Business Noticed On Social Media

If you’re a business owner, it’s highly unlikely that you don’t have at least one social media account and possibly more than one. Yet what is likely is that you don’t use that account to its full advantage. Social media is a must-have when it comes to business; it’s the ideal way to connect with your target audience. But having a social media account on any platform, or even a variety of them, isn’t the same as using that account, and this is a big difference. Read on to find out what you can do to make your business get noticed on social media and start using it as part of your digital marketing strategy. 

Identify Your Audience 

Before you can work out what to post to get noticed, you need to know who you want to notice you. By targeting the right people with your posts and advertising, you stand a much greater chance of them buying from you; they are already interested in what you do, or they would be if they knew about you, so the battle is halfway won. 

So the very first step is to carry out market research to determine just who your target market really is. What age are they? What sex? What is their average income? Where do they live? You can answer these and many more questions through market research, and once you have the answers, you can create a marketing campaign that your target market will see and understand. Plus, on social media, you can set posts to be seen by specific types of people; again, knowing your target market makes this easier. 

Use Video get business noticed on social media

When it comes to the types of posts on social media that do best, video always comes out on top. Anything with an image will usually garner some attention, whereas text-only posts will barely be read. However, video is what causes people to stop and take notice of you. 

Making a video used to be something you had to outsource, but today it’s possible to do it yourself using a video player for publishers and a variety of other apps. Making a video, or having someone else make it for you, could be the difference between not getting many (or any) interactions on social media and getting enough to boost your sales and make others realize you are there. 

Het business noticed on social media: be Human 

All too often, companies feel their social media has to be all business, all the time. The truth is that this is more off-putting to potential customers than anything else. It’s far better to show the human side of your organization and be human when you post. If you can show more of your personality, you will be much more easily able to engage with those wondering whether to buy from you, which will create a relationship. 

When this happens, you will find that people trust you more, and they are much more willing to purchase from you. Talk to your followers as though they were your friends, and you’ll instantly see what a positive difference it can make. 

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