Are you Sure you Know Everything About Getting Married in Utah?

Written By Alla Levin
July 24, 2019

Everything About Getting Married in Utah?

Utah is a name derived from the phrase Ute Indians which means ‘people of the mountains. There could have been a no better name for a state home to the Colorado Plateau, the central Rockies, and the Wasatch Mountains. Utah is also home to five national parks, vibrantly colored canyons, 9 ski resorts, deserts, forests, and other attractions like the Great Salt Lake or the vast Bonneville Salt Flats. Hence it goes without mentioning that Utah is infused with an undaunting adventurous spirit and natural beauty.

From ranches and resorts to halls with impressive outside spaces, Utah wedding venues also vary as much as its eclectic landscapes. Now, if you’re planning to tie the knot in Utah, here is a compact guide for you.

Wedding vogue in Utahgetting married in Utah

Several years of water, wind, and weather have made a significant impact on the landscapes of Utah, thereby creating a variety of gorgeous wedding venues from which couples can choose happiness. As per a survey was done by The Knot Real Wedding Study, 40% of the couples prefer having an outdoor ceremony on their wedding day, and 23% have their reception planned outdoor.

Thanks to the splendid views of Utah that couples who prefer holding their wedding ceremonies indoors can still get a slice of the unique beauty of Utah’s destinations. Historic homes, private gardens, resorts, and banquet halls are a few of the common places where couples wish to marry in Utah.

At the same time, most of the weddings in Utah are traditional; however, there is also a certain percentage that chooses a laid-back celebration. While 85% of the couples chose a formal celebration, 68% chose a semi-formal affair, and 14% chose a casual affair as per the Knot Real Wedding Survey.

Legal necessities and permits for getting married in Utahunique wedding themes

Based on the place where you wish to get married, you would require getting special permits. How about holding a wedding in any of the public parks in Utah? For that, you would have to fill out an application form and receive a permit along with abiding by other set regulations. You also have to ensure that you don’t use canopies or tents beyond their size parameters.

The state’s national parks demand you to have few special permits, and they also have rules and regulations regarding the maximum number of guests or music. The indoor venues might not demand any other permits, and so you should check with the coordinator of the wedding so that you can be sure about meeting all sorts of requirements before the actual D-Date and choose one of the best and unique wedding themes.

Four wedding seasons in Utahhost a New Year’s Eve Wedding in Utah

As the climate in Utah is dry and arid, there is no such ‘BAD’ season when you can’t exchange vows. Though just 10% of the couples marry in the last few months of the year, winter is ideal for marriage. Winters are mild in Utah, with the highest remaining between 30 and 40 and lowest in the 20s. Check the reasons it makes sense to host a New Year’s Eve Wedding in Utah. Now that you know the rules and regulations of tying the knot in Utah move on to choosing your florists, DJs, wedding photographers to bring life to your wedding – time for getting married in Utah.

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