Which Antivirus is Lightest on Resources?

Written By Alla Levin
June 23, 2021

Which Antivirus is Lightest on Resources?

As we enter the digital age with gadgets gaining so much significance, we cannot stress the importance of antivirus enough. A small mistake & hackers can easily get into any of your networks or systems & get hold of your personal or sensitive information.

A good antivirus plays a crucial role in our highly interconnected digital world. It helps keep your system not only virus-free but also protects from Malware threats, hence safeguarding your data & privacy.

However, many times, it is observed that most antivirus apps are extremely resource-intensive. It is mostly because these apps need to continuously scan your system files for any threats and take action if required. It means that your system might run scarce on vital resources and slow down other apps demanding resources which can be frustrating.

What is a Lightweight Antivirus?

Not all good antivirus apps are resource-hungry. Some antivirus programs are lighter & consume fewer system resources. Yet, they do not fall short of what they need to do in protecting your system against looming threats.

Factors to Consider When Buying an AntivirusFactors to Consider When Buying an Antivirus

Should be Lightweight

A good antivirus should not necessarily be heavy on your system memory. Instead, it should be built on the latest technology that makes it lighter yet equally effective in protecting your system against the latest malware, security & privacy threats.

Ease of Use

Antivirus is only effective if any user can correctly set it up on their systems. Therefore, an antivirus should be easy to install & use for all users with any technical skill level without any additional assistance.

Real-Time Protection

An antivirus should be able to protect your system in real-time. But, unfortunately, finding threats only when a manual scan is performed can prove to be quite risky. It is because users usually fail to maintain consistency in running regular manual scans. And even if a threat is detected during a manual scan, the damage is already done far beyond repair.


Selecting an antivirus can be a complex process. Even the same brand usually offers a wide range of products with various specifications, features & prices. Make sure that when you select an antivirus package, you include all key features that make sense with your requirement & only then proceed to buy that product.


In most cases, price is the most important deciding factor in finalizing an antivirus product. However, ensure that you do not compromise on your security by choosing a low-priced package. Also, on the flip side, do not select expensive packages if they contain features that you do not require yet.

Customer Support

When it comes to your security & privacy, support is one of the most significant aspects of any product you buy. So before buying any antivirus product, make sure that they offer satisfactory customer support service. Even better if they have multiple support channels like telephonic, live chat, email, FAQ sections, product support pages & more. Also, check if available support options are free or paid.

Our List of 6 Best Lightest Antivirus: Avast Free AntivirusOur List of 6 Best Lightest Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus protects you on both fronts – Security & Privacy, yet lightweight enough to not hamper your PC performance. Avast antivirus uses smart AI technology to block threats like viruses & other malware in real-time. In addition, it utilizes data gathered from all of its global users to ensure that even if a single user faces a threat, all the users get the cure before time to stay completely protected.

Furthermore, it scans any security loopholes in your Wi-Fi network & looks for any intruders or security weak spots. It also offers additional ransomware protection that prevents hackers from encrypting your sensitive files & holding them against a ransom.


Bitdefender has made its mark in the security industry by claiming to have the least impact on system resources. Bitdefender works on a cloud-based scanning engine that does most of the work up there to save your system resources for your applications.

Bitdefender has some of the best protection features across all leading operating systems, including Antivirus, Anti-malware & Ransomware protection.

Bitdefender also has features to protect your privacy. These include a secured browser you can use to conduct banking transactions or shop online safely, a basic VPN, Webcam & Microphone protection. Bitdefender also has an Anti-Theft feature that protects your devices from getting lost or stolen.

Note: All Bitdefender programs are compatible with Windows, but their Bitdefender Total Security program also protects macOS, Android, and iOS devices. If you are an existing Bitdefender customer or if you are planning to switch to Bitdefender, then you can always look for great Bitdefender Total Security discounts online before purchasing or renewing your subscription.

Which Antivirus is Lightest on Resources: Kaspersky

Kaspersky Total Security helps block viruses, crypto lockers & other advanced cyber threats. It ensures all your data and privacy are always secured. Moreover, it is a lightweight app that puts very little strain on your system resources, ensuring that all your other apps function smoothly.

With the safe money option, you can safely shop online with no trackers ensuring all your data exchanged is always secured. In addition, the ‘Kaspersky Safe Kids is a parental control feature that adds an extra layer of security for your children when online to protect them against any cyber-hacking attempts.

Kaspersky Total Security provides Antivirus, Anti-ransomware, Webcam Security, Password Manager, VPN, and more features in a single license. If you have a budget constraint, then you should check the best discounts on Kaspersky and get the best antivirus protection at the best price.

Which Antivirus is Lightest on Resources: ESET

ESET has an award-winning antivirus engine that protects your system against viruses and malware. It also has anti-ransomware tools, anti-hacking features & a safe banking app, and a password manager for enhanced privacy. In addition, ESET leaves a minimal footprint on your system, ensuring your system can run longer without plugging in or feeling sluggish.

An active gaming mode lets you enjoy playing games while protecting your data and avoiding distractions due to annoying pop-ups. To ensure privacy, it includes a safe banking app to protect your online transactions from leaking on unsecured sites. A password manager is also included so you can easily manage all your critical passwords without having to enter them for authentication physically.

Comodo Antivirus Software

Comodo Antivirus provides you with enterprise-grade technology in its home antivirus solutions. It deploys Cloud-based scanning for reliable & efficient system performance along with instant threat detection in real-time. This makes it very lightweight & memory efficient when running in the background on your system.

It also has additional features to safeguard your online privacy. Privacy protection features include a secure shopping experience that provides strong protection for your banking & shopping transactions. It also has a gaming mode for a dedicated gaming experience without intrusive pop-ups & notifications.

Panda Security

Panda Security offers complete protection against viruses, advanced malware threats, and cyberattacks. It also scans for any vulnerabilities in your Wi-Fi that can compromise your data security and prevents Wi-Fi eavesdropping.

On the privacy front, the included premium VPN service ensures all the data transmitted from your system over any network, be it private, or public is always end-to-end encrypted. A password generator is also included that generates unique & safe passwords.

Basic Parental controls are included for Windows that monitor & restrict device usage for children. Moreover, a secure shopping & browsing feature protects all your online transactions.

Which Antivirus is Lightest on Resources: Should I go for free or paid?Which Antivirus is Lightest on Resources

Another key aspect of buying an antivirus is whether you should go for a paid or a free version. Most of the manufacturers offer a free antivirus that has limited functionalities compared to the full-featured paid version. However, it is always recommended to buy a paid version to ensure complete data security and privacy protection.

Which Antivirus is Lightest on Resources: Which antivirus is light on system resources?

Security & privacy requirements greatly vary according to individual user needs. Therefore, selecting the correct antivirus mostly depends on your requirements & budgets. However, when selecting the right antivirus, ensure that it fulfills your feature requirements for complete safety & security.

If you’re searching for a good lightweight antivirus solution with a host of security features, one of the aforementioned products should work out for you. To be completely sure, it is always recommended to download and use free trials of the software so you can find out all the pros & cons of each of them before buying them. Also, make sure to check out the system requirements beforehand for a smooth operation.

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