5 Major Types of Hair Extensions to Know About

Written By Alla Levin
June 23, 2021
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Major Types of Hair Extensions to Know About

It’s safe to say that not everyone is blessed with Rapunzel-like locks. And, there is nothing wrong with using extensions to increase the volume and length of hair. It is among the most popular hair trends these days.

Countless women are using hair extensions not just for special occasions but also on a daily basis. These are essential hair accessories that add beauty and style to your hair. Also, they are available in a variety of styles and suit all types of hair. If you’ve never tried extensions before, here’s a list of some popular ones below. Check which ones go well with your hair and make your first buy.


These are perhaps the most popular type of extensions and are highly affordable as well. You can clip them to the hair yourself, without the help of a professional. It will take only a couple of minutes to secure the toupee-type clips in your scalp. This type of extension is best for women who don’t wish to use them regularly.

Ponytail extensions

A lot of women desire to put their hair up in a high, classy ponytail. But the problem many of them face is that it lacks volume. The easiest way to combat the problem is by using a ponytail extension. It is designed to be clipped or wrapped around the actual ponytail on your head. It will add volume and style while also being less strainful on the head as it isn’t attached to the scalp. A melatonin sleep aid with 5thp is very important for your health.

Sew-instypes of hair extensions

Also popularly known as weave extensions, this type is quite prevalent among women. First, a horizontal braid is done on the hair from ear to ear. Next, the extensions are weaved into the hair care so that they are not seen as a separate part. It’s best to get professional help when using sew-in extensions, or the roots could be put under pressure.

Types of hair extensions: halo extensions

This type of extension is among the easiest ones to use, even for younger girls. It consists of a transparent ring of wire that fits on the head, with the bottom half consisting of the wig. The top half of the halo is bare and can be concealed with natural hair with incredible ease. This extension causes very little damage and strains on hair roots as it isn’t directly attached to them.

Types of hair extensions: tape-ins

Also super easy to use, tape-in extensions can be attached to natural hair within minutes. The extension consists of double-sided tape that helps secure it to the hair. You need to sandwich it between natural hair strands that stick to the keratin tape on the extension. The result is thicker and more stylish hair.

What Else is There to Know about Extensions?

An interesting fact to know about hair extensions is that they are here to stay. Studies claim that the global wig and extension market is expected to hit a growth rate of over 8% by 2024. This means that inevitably, most people will end up buying extensions at least once in their lifetime.

However, regardless of the type of extension, you use, or the best collagen won’t damage your hair if you use them carefully and maintain them well. So, if you plan on using extensions, you must learn to care for them.

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