4 Ways to Help You Decide What To Gift New Parents

Written By Alla Levin
July 06, 2021
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4 Ways to Help You Decide What To Gift New Parents

Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience. The tiny human you brought into this world will need (and want) your attention, time, love, and support till they are ready to take on the world on their own.

As life-changing and beautiful as it is, becoming parents also means a new list of responsibilities to maneuver through and get done. It can be both an exhilarating and overwhelming experience. Before you start browsing on Amazon or Target in search of something to get your friend or family member who is about to become a new parent, here are some things to explore so you can make the most valuable and suitable purchase:

Are they first-time parents?what to gift new parents

This factor is an essential aspect when purchasing presents because if they are not first-time parents, they’d probably have plenty of existing baby items that they might want to reuse for their new baby. Some may choose to reuse wherever possible and purchase new things only when necessary. Some may choose to buy second-hand or preloved items to reduce waste, or some don’t feel like getting anything new for their newborn because they have too much of it. This may be the case, especially when the newborn’s gender is the same as their older siblings.

What are their purchasing preferences?

Especially when there are plenty of choices out there in terms of baby items, choosing what to get for your baby needs careful thought and consideration, be it budget, lifestyle choices, brand preferences, and so on.

Plenty of parents nowadays are more conscious of their purchasing choices for newborn items. Some prefer organic baby items rather than commercial items you see in stores. Some parents may also select specialty brands compared to generic brands. If you plan to gift a specialty brand for a newborn, check the parent’s preferences are- they will be more appreciative of the gift and use it.

What to gift new parents: when in doubt, purchase help for new parentsWhat to gift new parents

If you are not sure what to get the newborn (especially if their parents say they have everything they need), then another route in gift-giving would be subscribing or purchasing a service exclusively for the parents. It can be something as simple as a Youtube subscription (no ads) which parents can use for themselves and play lullabies for the newborn. It can also be food delivery for the new parents, so they have one less worry.

This is especially useful if they already have existing children- delivery food or even groceries to the family. You can also hire services such as https://cleaningglow.com to clean their houses or nanny services for their other children- this is another way to lighten the load for new parents.

What about a gift for a later date?

You have probably heard of this complaint before – I haven’t had time to myself or spend time with my partner after having the baby. It’s normal for this to happen. You have a new addition to the family, which means attention goes to them first.

Once the new parents have settled in and have gained some balance to their everyday routine with the newborn, it would be nice for them to take a break. Gifts for pampering themselves or a hotel staycation would benefit parents. They deserve to rest and relax before going back to their newborn.

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