Psychic Abilities
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Psychic Abilities and Why They are Important

Psychic or parapsychic abilities are extra-sensory perceptions. The synonym for psychic ability is the 6th sense because it goes beyond our 5 senses like:

  • Taste;
  • The touch;
  • The smell;
  • Hearing;
  • View.

It is a higher power to see what is invisible to others. In other words, it is being connected to other astral vibrations. The average person uses 10% of their brain on average. What is in the 90% of the brain that is not being used? The human body organs are well known to science, but they are in the infancy of the latter. So, is the secret of our extra-sensory perceptions to be found in our sleeping intelligence?

How to explain psychic powers?

To explain psychic abilities, nothing better than having an example. Have you ever had a telepathic connection or phenomenon with a friend? For example :

  • The cell phone rings, and you can be sure it’s her on the phone;
  • You were going to call her and she calls you at the same time;
    You finish her sentences before she finishes it;
  • Live impressions of deja vu.

A simple explanation of deja vu:

We have all already had feelings of deja vu: suddenly, we are struck by the certainty of having this feeling of having already lived this moment for a few seconds.
The feelings of already lived question us on the structure of our space-time and how our conscience apprehends it. We come to question the perception of consciousness as beginning at our birth and extinguishing at our death … Quantum physics gives us elements to support these impressions of strange memories or intuitions.

Consciousness Underlies the Universe

Our education leads us to conceive of the universe defined by space and time. We believe that our existence with our consciousness is temporarily embodied in the universe. Some researchers question this conception of the universe: Dr. Lanza, an expert in regenerative medicine, has thus developed the theory of biocentrism.

This theory explains that consciousness creates the material universe and not the other way around. The laws, forces, and constants of our universe are underpinned by intelligence, by consciousness. Consciousness exists outside the constraints of time and space.

What can explain the impressions of deja vu is the theory of biocentrism. This theory assumes that our perception of space and time is a delusion and that we live in an illusion. But it would be a useful illusion because it allows us to create benchmarks necessary for our incarnation. Getting a psychic reading at Kasamba is one way to guide our perceptions in a better direction.

Space and time are tools of understanding but have no reality in themselves. The theory of biocentrism assumes that consciousness existed before the universe since it was the consciousness that gave it its structure. It is this energy that allows living beings to exist. As Einstein said: everything is energy, and that is all there is to understand in life! The man finally understands that he is one with the universe; we are not simply a fragment of a star on a piece of matter revolving around the sun!

Living in illusion

We can access through meditation on the subtle plane, and we realize that space and time represent only conventions, illusory limits for our consciousness. Are the feelings of having already experienced this moment ultimately intuition, forebodings, or premonitory dreams? But one thing is for sure; consciousness is non-local; it is not fixed in our body but can travel in time, intentionally or not.

Back to the topic…These phenomena are part of our extra-sensory gifts. Your psychic abilities are buried and dormant in the corner of your mind, and you are simply unaware of it.

Feeling what is not visible is part of our psychic abilities

Psychic abilities allow us to feel the vibrations around us and to feel the invisible energies. Having a gift of clairvoyance can terrify as it can seem magical. With such gifts, one can see, foresee and feel many things. Some even manage to navigate from one world to another, thanks to premonitory dreams. Others have even experienced paranormal phenomena.

Why clairvoyance goes far beyond intuition

Often, we use the term “have intuition” when we are not mistaken about a situation to come. The term clairvoyance is more appropriate, as our psychic abilities go beyond the 5 senses unless the events to come were logical.

Can we develop parapsychic abilities?

Have you tried to develop your gift of clairvoyance? Have you tried stimulating this sleeping power? If it’s no, that’s a shame because everyone has a gift. Indeed, not all people are aware. If you really want to, you too can develop that sixth sense, for that power is within you.

Do not be afraid to stimulate your extrasensory faculties, and the mental power is far greater than you can think of. By reading up on esotericism, you too could use this 6th sense by becoming interested in parapsychology. Know that it’s just a matter of trust! Granted, you might not become a famous psychic, but you might be surprised at your high potential in any case.

Seeing the future in a dream, is it possible?psychic abilities

It is possible to see the future in these dreams, giving you a concrete example. Unlike my grandparents, my mother never practiced clairvoyance. And yet she also has the gift of seeing, and you will understand why!

The day before my brother fell from the scaffolding, she dreamed of her brother-in-law (my uncle), who died very young, and he was the godfather of her son (my brother). In her dream, she went to see my uncle on his grave, and instead of having my uncle’s face, my brother’s face pictured on the stele. The next day, he fell from the 3rd floor face down on the ground. After more than a month in a coma, he miraculously escaped.

You see, premonitory dreams are extraordinary because they always warn of dangers. And these dreams are part of our sixth sense; they are unsuspected faculties. For my part, I have a lot of dreams, too, especially about this horrible virus that is currently raging on the planet.

We all have unsuspected psychic abilities

So how many people do you think to have the ability to have premonitory dreams and see the future? Very much! There are many of us in this case. If my mother, my children, and I can see future events, you can too. Just like us, you are human beings. You have to open your mind and wake up your sleeping faculties. Remember, we are all clairvoyants.

Life is much more complex than some might think; any person’s action sends an echo in the universe, causing a chain of events by the butterfly effect. We know that it only takes one person to cause the collapse of the world; this is the case with Hitler. It also takes one person to break up an entire family by sending an echo to the universe, and by butterfly effect, other people are changing their lives! Someone is always at the center of everything, whether for wars, accidents, or the glory of a country. And understanding psychic abilities will lead us to understand that we are all important.

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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