Main Types Of Psychic Readings To Get Through Uncertain Times

Written By Alla Levin
May 04, 2020

Main Types Of Psychic Readings To Get Through Uncertain Times

What were your 2020 goals on the first of January? Unless they took a global pandemic into account, things probably haven’t gone as planned. This year has thrown us all for a loop, showing just how impossible it is to take complete control of our lives.

The only certainty now is that nothing is certain. We cannot plan for next week, let alone next month or the rest of the year. Many of us are facing the specter of unemployment, fearing illness, and possibly confronting tremendous loss.

While there is no way to make practical plans right now, we must have strategies for getting through these uncertain times. Some people have turned to mindfulness, and others have turned to yoga and breathing exercises.

And some of us have found solace in psychic readings. Contrary to popular beliefs, psychic readings are not supposed to tell you what will happen next. Any predictions as to when this pandemic will end should be taken with a grain of salt. But there are types of psychic readings that will help you come to terms with your own sense of loss and confusion.

The following types of psychic readings can help you get through these uncertain times. See full list on

Types Of Readings: Tarot Cards

Two-bit tarot card readers will flip over some cards and make some wild predictions about what you can expect in the future. Real tarot card readers are a lot more sensitive. They are not trying to find random events written in the cards. Rather, they get insights from the cards about your psychic state.

Paired with the insight they get from spending a bit of time with you, they will help you understand how to take care of yourself and what unhealthy patterns you should look out for. They are closer to psychologists than “prophets”, and should be able to give you insights before they even look at the cards.


Mediums are bound to become more popular right now, considering the number of losses people is trying to process. If you have lost someone, a medium can help you get in touch with their energies, to give you better insight into their experience beyond this life.

Mediums cannot give you a two-way dialogue with the dead, as those who have passed exist in a very different way to us. Rather, they will help you find closure with a deeper understanding of how you can continue to relate to them from a different realm.

Palm ReadingMain Types Of Psychic Readings

Palm readings are an interesting choice in times of uncertainty, as the insights are valid throughout your life. What can be read from your palm now applied in the past and will continue to apply in the future.

This means that you learn fundamental truths, rather than passing circumstances. This self-discovery can help you learn how best to make it through the trials we are all experiencing right now. It will give you a route to deal with things in a way that is perfectly suited to you.

Love ReadingLove Reading

Are you in quarantine with your partner? If so, you may feel either blessed or cursed. For some people, being stuck together in close quarters is no big deal. For others, it can create tension generated through your entire time together.

Old fights are rehashed and new fights shed light on deeper problems. A love reading can help you get insight into your relationship. This insight will make it easier to understand what your relationship needs to make it through these tough times.


Psychic readings are not going to tell you how or when COVID-19 will end. However, they can show you far more important insights. Insights into yourself, your lost loved ones, and your relationship. If you want to know how to get through the next few weeks and months, any one of these types of psychic readings can be extremely beneficial.

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