Patio Ideas On A Budget

Written By Alla Levin
July 17, 2021
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Patio Ideas On A Budget

You can enjoy your garden all year round if you can get the design right. Sometimes even minimal changes to your garden can make it an even more enjoyable place to be, whether you want to create a gorgeous patio for sipping coffee outside in the morning or somewhere where you can light the barbecue on a Sunday afternoon, or have drinks with friends in the evenings, try some of these budget patio ideas. You can create a beautiful outdoor space without breaking the bank, and you will be able to make the most of your patio, whatever the weather is. 

Create Secret Spaces

Is there anything better and more relaxing than spending the morning relaxing outside in your own secret space, with a book or a podcast and a cup of coffee? Arches and arbors are very popular for patio design and are an excellent reason. Decor elements like this add coziness and romance to your patio.

They’re also a great way to create a focal point on the patio without blowing the budget. Choose an arch or arbor to create a private ‘zone’ around your patio from your Renewal by Andersen patio doors. The prettiest arches are best off being converted with blooms with a scent like honeysuckle or climbing rose. Tuck a bench with a pile of comfortable cushions under the arbor for the perfect hideaway. 

Add A Pop Of ColorPatio Ideas On A Budget

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to give your patio a bit of a boost to make it look better is to add in some new bedding plants to add a few new pops of color. Colorful plants look especially good against buff or natural colored paving slabs. There are lots of options you could choose for pretty, colorful flowers in your bedding areas, such as pansies, violet lobelia, or begonia.

Geraniums are a good choice, too, if you want something with a good scent. Busy Lizzies are cheap, pretty, and a great way to add a burst of bright colors. Choose a pale-colored paving slab that will contrast with the brighter colors and really show off your new planting. 

Make A Feature Wall

One of the easiest DIY makeovers that you can do is to update the walls in your garden. There are a few different looks that you could go for, none of which will blow the budget. If you have an older wall, you could plant some succulents in the gaps between the bricks to create a living wall that will both add some gorgeous greenery to your patio area and attract some local wildlife for you to enjoy watching.

Another good pick for updating the walls around your patio is to use some outdoor veneer walling to create a striking feature wall. If you buy the veneer walls in a pack, the packs should come complete with an adhesive and a primer. All you have to do is stick the veneer over the existing wall you have. You get a fresh, new look with minimal effort and not much expense. 

Keep Your Design NeutralPatio Ideas On A Budget

If you want to keep your garden patio looking classic and beautiful, you can stick with popular choices of natural stone paving and neutrals. It’s not hard to see why these options are popular for patios. Neutral paving is a timeless classic that will continue to look stylish for a very long time and should stay looking good for a long time as long as you take care of your paving.

Choosing something timeless like a natural stone means it will be a long time before you need to spend more money on your patio flooring, helping you save money in the long term. You can keep the patio looking fresh, stylish, and current with accessories like plant pots and outdoor cushions in on-trend, fun colors and patterns. 

Mix And Match

This is a new trend in garden decor, and it can be a great choice for an entertaining, exciting space. This trend offers a lot of detail to catch the eye and give you something interesting to look at in the garden. Plant your plants at different levels and use a mixture of different sizes of paving to add interest. Be creative with color in your design and mix everything interestingly to show off your creative flair. This trick is a great way to make your patio look impressive in an affordable way.

You can still buy cheaper pieces; choose ones that are colorful and interesting. Choose some paving slabs that are available in various sizes and colors to create some extra elements of interest and contract in the finished look, but one that still looks coherent. If you’re feeling really creative, you could make a mixed media patio surface. 

Add Pots Of InspirationPatio Ideas On A Budget

When you’re looking for a budget idea for your patio paving, the simple approach can often still deliver some great results. You can make an elegant patio by using outsize plant pots to create some impact on the patio. This is a very versatile way to decorate your garden. You can swap out what’s in the pots, such as pretty pink camellia, for some ferns that will fill space or more formal topiary, depending on the look your want to create and how your tastes change throughout the year. 

Get Pretty Sitting

Getting your set of tables and chairs right can make a big difference when you want to get your patio updated without spending a lot of money. If you combine new furniture with affordable paving, you can give your patio a totally new look.

Whether you want to have some ornate wrought iron for an Italian terrace feel, or more stripped-back modern furniture for a sleeker look, or a chunky choice with lots of cushions for a comfy finish, it’s really up to you. These patio ideas of a budget are an easy starting point for anyone wanting to makeover their garden this year. 

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