7 Incredible Reasons An SUV Should Be Your Next Vehicle

Written By Alla Levin
July 20, 2021

7 Incredible Reasons An SUV Should Be Your Next Vehicle

When it’s time to buy a new car, all sorts of options present themselves. There are so many different types of cars out there, ranging from superminis to large 4x4s. Deciding which one to buy can be a big struggle, particularly as some cars can be different from others. 

Still, there’s one class of cars that seems to hit all of the right spots for many different people. As you can already guess from the title, we’re talking about SUVs. An SUV is a sports utility vehicle with big wheels and an increased clearance height, usually having a sport appearance.

While there are variations of SUVs on the market, they’re all built to offer the same thing; a vehicle that can handle outdoor leisure activities while also being practical enough for general daily use. It’s the type of car you can take with you on a road trip and to the local shops in a busy city. 

At this point, you can already see why an SUV might be a fantastic choice for your next car. To help settle the matter, here are some incredible reasons you should buy one:

SUV vehicle: excellent designs

SUVs feature some of the best designs of any car out there. This is because they blend the ruggedness of off-road 4x4s with the practicality and sportiness of sports cars. The result is vehicles that look big yet handle like compact cars.

As you can see on Chapman Ford, the For EcoSport SE SUV is a prime example of SUV design in action. You’ve got a car that looks like the classic Ford Fiesta, only bigger and more aggressive. It looks like it can handle anything, yet at the same time, it isn’t a challenge to drive around busy cities. Certainly, this category of car throws up some of the best and most practical designs around. 

Impressive practicality

As well as awesome designs, SUVs are arguably the most practical cars money can buy. The sports aspect of these cars means they can handle motorways without any fuss, reaching impressive top speeds. They also handle much smaller cars, meaning you can drive them around narrow streets and parallel park them with no complaints.

There’s enough space inside SUVs for at least a family of five, with some offering an additional two seats in the back. Plus, they’re rugged enough to deal with tough driving conditions, and some SUVs can be used off-road. In short, you have practicality and functionality that you will never see in other cars. 

Improved car safety

The smaller a car is, the less safe it will be. Sure, it can have all the safety technology globally, but this doesn’t detract from the fact that smaller vehicles will end up worse in a collision. If your SUV collides with a smaller car, the smaller car will be far more damaged than your vehicle. This is because SUVs are built to be big and rugged, so their bodies are powerful and sturdy. Of course, you also get excellent safety tech inside, minimizing the chances of accidents. But, if the worst were to happen, you’d be safer in an SUV than you would in most other cars. 

Higher driving position

An underrated benefit of SUVs is that they put you in a higher driving position than normal. You’re close to the road in other cars, and your line of sight is lower than if you were standing up. Therefore, you can’t really see over any cars in front of you, and your vision is restricted.

With an SUV, you’re put in a raised position which means your line of sight aligns with where it would be when standing or possibly higher. The benefit of this is that you can see more of the road ahead of you. You can see over traffic and spot if it’s worth carrying on down this road or turning somewhere else. The improved viewing position will ultimately create a better and safer driving experience when you’re behind the wheel. 

Very spacious interior

An SUV will provide you with a very spacious interior that provides many uses. We mentioned earlier that it helps you sit many people, and you can do so comfortably. Nobody will moan about being in the middle seat in an SUV as they have so much room.

Alongside this, you also have room in the trunk. There is so much space here for all your shopping, suitcases, and anything else you may need to keep there. You feel as though you’re not in a car when driving an SUV; that’s how spacious they are! It’s almost like you’re in a mini motorhome or something. 

Perfect for familieshybrid technology

If you’re looking to buy a new family car, an SUV is an ideal choice. It has everything you could need from a family car:

  • A spacious interior
  • Excellent safety features
  • Easy to drive
  • Suitable for school runs
  • Space in the trunk

You really can’t hope to find a vehicle that ticks as many boxes as an SUV in the family car department!

SUV vehicle: wonderful fuel economy

Did you know that SUVs are packed full of technology that makes them some of the most fuel-efficient cars available? There’s a concerted effort from car manufacturers to improve fuel economy on SUVs, and it is imposing.

Also, they are ideal for hybrid cars as their size allows them to have bigger electric batteries. This allows the hybrid technology to work better and provide even more fuel efficiency. You can get all-electric SUVs, so the opportunities are endless if you want to improve fuel economy. 

All in all, the SUV is such a popular car category these days. After reading through these points, it’s hard to argue with the popularity. There aren’t many other categories of cars that can offer the same benefits. Most will excel in one area but lack another; the modern-day SUV seems to do it all!

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